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Development / 10.16.13

Choosing a Mobile Application Type

HTML5, Native or Hybrid? The emergence of mobile applications has revolutionized the effectiveness of e-commerce. Businesses are now faced with a stream of completely different strategic decisions to make regarding application development. New clients often come to us seeking guidance on the decision between developing an application with HTML5, Native, or Hybrid. This concern is…

Development / 10.03.13

5 Considerations for Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

When it comes to cross-platform native mobile development your options are a bit limited. Phone-Gap is not even a considerable option because it’s not native in the least. Appcelerator gives you a subset of the functionality that the underlying API makes available, not to mention the overhead involved with its JavaScript runtime interpreter. Both solutions…

Emerging Tech / 09.18.13

What We Think about iOS 7

When you first step inside a tech company like Seamgen, it’s safe to say two things are true. First off, all of our employees have the latest and greatest mobile devices and technologies that are on the market. Secondly, they have opinions about them. With the new release of iOS 7, Apple’s latest big upgrade,…

Development / 08.28.13

HTML5 Based Mobile Applications

HTML5 based mobile applications have recently begun to approach and even surpass their desktop counterparts, in terms of power and sophistication.  This phenomenon is largely due to the widespread availability of HTML5 and its attendant technologies.  HTML is simply a thin veneer over a deep set of technologies from the document layout and typography engine…