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Design / 07.14.14

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Photoshop to Sketch 3

From the beginning of my career as a UX/UI guy, Photoshop has been my go-to tool for designing pretty much everything. When you use a tool for so long, it’s tough to imagine using anything different. After all, it eventually begins to feel like an extension of you. But it’s 2014 folks. Us UX/UI folk…

Emerging Tech / 06.26.14

Wearables for Accessibility

Modern wearables have certainly found their niche within our society – spanning in usage from cardio queens and calorie counters, to heart rate and glucose monitors on patients – but what about translation services for the disabled? Although you are able to instantly translate foreign languages at the touch of a button – there seem…

Design / 03.14.14

Increase Consumer Retention Rates with a User Experience Diagnostic

Consumers are always looking for the next best thing. In order to increase your consumer retention rate it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your application. Spring is approaching and you don’t want your app to get tossed out with the old and replaced with a new and improved app, do you?…

Development / 02.20.14

How to Remove Distractions with ibeacons

iBeacons may be small devices, but their capabilities are unlike anything  on the market thus far. Soon they will be sweeping the industries, enabling or disabling apps far and wide. Their simple functionality makes it easy for businesses to install and implement them into their marketing strategy. So far, the buzz about iBeacons is related…