Attending a convention brings joy to a lot of folks. From intricate cosplay to buying your favorite series’ merchandise, it is an experience not felt elsewhere. Experiences make up the story you tell afterwards. Ranging from how long you stood in line to watching exclusive trailers, it’s all a memorable experience. We here at Seamgen feel the same way with some us attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and one of things that amazed us the most was the display of Virtual Reality. Over the past few years, VR has become a hot topic especially at big shows such as CES. Although it is not a tech show, San Diego Comic-Con 2017 took things to new heights with increased VR experiences.

World building is an essential component of capturing audiences but no longer are we restricted to experience these fictional worlds from an outside perspective. Virtual reality is proving itself to be the next level of entertainment consumption and San Diego Comic-Con 2017 became the perfect place to showcase it.

VR at San Diego Comic-Comic-Con 2017

Virtual reality at Comic-con was split into two sectors. Within Comic-Con, content developers showed off projects to generate hype while across the street from the convention center was VR Con.

Kicking it off with a smash (quite literally as the Hulk) is Marvel Powers United VR.

Developed by Oculus Studios and Sanzaru Games Inc., the game utilizes the Oculus headset to transport you to the Marvel Universe.

So far, the playable cast has been revealed to be Rocket Raccoon, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, The Hulk, and Roman the Accuser.

Another hit at the San Diego Comic-Con was the announcement of a VR version of Blade Runner 2049.

With Blade Runner returning in the form of Blade Runner 2049, it’s no surprise that the latest technology would be used to generate hype. Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit is the VR game meant to launch users into the Blade Runner world. While the VR experience was relatively simple, the physical tie-in was what wowed Comic-con attendees.

San Diego Comic Con 2017 VR Blade Runner 2049

Supplementing the simple VR game was a whole physical set that transported you within the Blade Runner universe. For more details, check out the trailer and Bryan Bishop’s experience.

Wrapping up our VR highlight is the IT experience. The remake of the film should come as a joy to the thrill seekers and horror enthusiasts out there. Watching horror is one thing but stepping into the world of nightmares is another. The IT experience allowed that with both a physical tie-in and VR experience. Check out the riveting experience below.

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