It is Monday again so that means it is time for more startup coverage. Our startup coverage series has been going on for a bit now and there is still more to come. Why so many startups though? Well, we at here Seamgen see it, and many others are beginning to see the growing startup hub that our lovely San Diego is becoming. Adding on to the growing San Diego tech scene is our startup of the week, The Venue Report.

Why The Venue Report?

Despite having only $510k in total equity funding, this low amount in comparison to other startups have not stopped the folks at The Venue Report from offering a cool service with some serious style.

The Venue Report Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort

Thats not just a pretty picture of the icy wilderness. Its the Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort out in British Columbia. We told you they have cool service with some serious style.

The Venue Report Origins

Back in 2013, founders Cortnie Purdy and Don Fausner brought their vision of connecting people through gatherings to life. Naturally, the nature of their work requires a globally focused mindset and what better time than the current globalized and connected age to do it? Their passion and mindset can be found within the company’s value proposition:

The Venue Report promotes the age-old tradition of gathering and exploration by connecting a collective audience of travelers, celebrators, destinations & correspondents in over 90 countries. We promote happiness, togetherness and the celebration of life through storytelling & highlighting exceptional spaces, places & locales across the globe.

What is The Venue Report?

Not really a surprise but, The Venue Report focuses on venues. Venues can be used for a plethora of events such as weddings, corporate events, and family reunions. These become lasting memories and that is exactly what this startup is looking to curate.

The Venue Report Aman Tokyo

What truly sets this startup apart though is the types of venues offered and the sample stories provided. Barns, historic buildings, castles, they do it all. In tune with their mission, they also host a blog in which reporters provide a background on locations.

The Venue Report Going Forward

From lavish to laid-back, the options are endless for those interested.

The Venue Report Huilo Huilo

We all know the rise of social media has brought storytelling and mobile photography to new heights and the folks at The Venue Report have used this to their advantage with some truly unique offers and instagrammable locations.

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