Monday is here again, but don’t worry because Seamgen has got you covered with another segment of our San Diego startup of the week featuring Measurabl, a technology company leading the way in sustainability and energy software management.

Why Measurabl?

There has been a lot of discussion on climate change recently, and it is mainly due to the fact of the United States withdrawal from the Paris agreement. Even with the the U.S. withdrawal, many corporations and companies came out saying that they will still wish to hold onto their sustainability efforts.

Measurabl helps companies do just that by providing cloud-based software to help companies manage their sustainability by helping them automatically collect and report on data that isn’t so easily obtained.  It is not only helping these companies improve their green efforts, but it is also helping them analyze and save money in the process by cutting back on their unneeded energy usage.

How Measurabl all started?

Measurabl all started with the idea from their founder, Matt Ellis. He founded Measurable with the goal in mind to help companies to disclose and act upon their sustainability performances. Before founding Measruabl, Matt Ellis worked as a real estate broker for CBRE. During his time at CBRE, he worked as the Director of Sustainability solutions, and over time he began to notice that companies everywhere were having a hard time collecting data on sustainability efforts.

He used this as his inspiration to start Measurabl, and since then he has been working with companies to help them find greener solutions.

How Does Measurabl Work?

Think of Measurabl as Google Analytics for all things sustainable. It helps the users collect, analyze, and produce reports in a timely fashion. Once it obtains all the pertinent information, it compiles them into beautiful reports that can be used for the GRESB, CDP and any other custom report needs you may have.

Check out this short video that tours you through the experience behind the SaaS product that is making the world more sustainable.

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