Monday’s are tough, and we at Seamgen get that. That’s why we like to start your week off right featuring another local Startup here in San Diego called OSSIC. Everyone loves 3D movies. 3D TVs are even now available for purchase, but have ever thought you could be able to listen to sound in 3D. OSSIC is making this dream a reality as it is revolutionizing the way we experience sound by creating industry-leading  3D audio listening system through a pair of headphones.


We picked OSSIC for two reasons. The first reason is that they are leading the way of bringing the virtual reality industry to the forefront of San Diego.

The second reason we chose OSSIC just because of their revolutionary technology. The startup is changing the way we listen to music, video games, and movies by creating a method of listening to the audio in 3D. We typically used to only hearing these things through 2D audio, but with OSSIC’s headphones, it replicates the sound as if we are hearing it in real life first hand.

Origins of OSSIC

The company started with a goal to redefine we hear audio. A group of four founders who all had extensive experience in creating headphones and sound systems wanted to create a way to listen to audio that would be indistinguishable  from reality.

With the goal set, they decided to create a kickstarter page, and since then, OSSIC has raised over $2.7 million dollars through the crowdfunding platform allowing them to get their company off the ground.

How Do the Headphones Work?

The headphones don’t work like your typical 2D ones. Inside each of the earcups, the OSSIC headphones house sensors that analyze the positioning of your ears and head. Using these sensors and adaptive algorithmic software, the headphones are able personalize your experience giving you a 3d audio experience solely adapted to you.

The HTRF calibration and object based audio is how OSSIC is leading the way in 3D audio. With a working set of headphones, the next steps for the San Diego based startup to fully establish a mass distribution schedule to further get their product out on the market.

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