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Beacon technology enables your business to engage directly with your consumer and stimulate brand loyalty through push notifications and proximity based content messaging. Used correctly, beacon technology bridges the gap between advertising and consumers’ purchasing decisions with one simple device.

Beacons are small devices that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with mobile devices, and act as a gateway between retailers and the consumer. Beacons utilize a low-powered state so that they’re constantly monitoring their surroundings and looking for mobile devices that have a connected application. Once detected, the beacon will wake your app when you enter a predefined region. Beacon technology is location specific, meaning it provides a custom interaction to the mobile device based on your location.

The beacon’s location based capabilities allows retailers to connect with shoppers in the store, and to provide the retailer with an incredible amount of information regarding their consumers’ behavior patterns. This valuable insight allows the retailer to provide customized content, push notifications, and offers to the smartphone that is knowingly in the hands of the consumer at the most optimal time.

Seamgen has successfully launched a number of beacon campaigns for major brands such as SeaWorld Parks, CocaCola and the Aria Hotel.

Aria, Mobile Application Using Proximity Beacon Technology

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