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Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach is a critical component to building our systems. We are experts at REST interfaces and building systems up from small, independent components. We understand that having small, self-contained, single-purpose modules leads to systems that are robust, scalable, and extensible.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – if you build the right parts. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) means identifying those parts, and building them so they can be re-used. A web application, a mobile client, and a b2b system can call the same service. If the service changes, all the callers immediately get the benefit of the update. Building services encourages the use of well-documented interfaces, which in turn supports testability. Stateless services scale easily by simply deploying more instances to run the service. Highly complex workflows can be built up through composing services, and changing the service composition can easily support many similar workflows.

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Service Oriented Architecture Flowchart

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