What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is the top application development framework that allows you to create native apps that can share code (60-75%) across iOS, Android and Windows platforms. While a good percentage of the code base is shared, the UI code is written separately for each platform, which allows the app to look, feel and perform natively. A key benefit of using Xamarin is that the application user interface uses native controls on each platform, creating apps that are indistinguishable from an application written in Swift or Java (for iOS and Android respectively). Although Xamarin allows you to write apps in C#, and share the same business logic across multiple platforms, the actual implementation on each system is very different. The C# source makes its way into a native app in distinct ways on each platform. Each operating system has its own unique needs and requirements that allows a developer to take advantage of purely native functionality. Here’s some of the details for the technical folks out there:

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    C# is ahead-of-time (AOT) compiled to ARM assembly language. The .NET framework is included, with unused classes being stripped out during linking to reduce the application size.

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    C# is compiled to IL and packaged with MonoVM + JIT’ing. Unused classes in the framework are stripped out during linking. The application runs side-by-side with Java/ART (Android runtime) and interacts with the native types via JNI.

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    C# is compiled to IL and executed by the built-in runtime, and does not require Xamarin tools. Designing Windows applications following Xamarin’s guidance makes it simpler to re-use the code on iOS and Android. Note that the Universal Windows Platform also has a .NET Native option which behaves similarly to Xamarin.iOS' AOT compilation.

Most apps being deployed across multiple platforms require a specialized team of platform specific engineers. The majority of our Xamarin project teams consist of at least 3 engineers: 1 dedicated iOS lead, 1 dedicated Android lead and 1 engineer focusing on the shared code and services between the platforms. We don’t see much demand for Windows apps, but doesn’t mean we can’t build those too.

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6 parks. 3 brands. 1 app.

Deployed as three separate apps for SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Sesame Place, we utilized Xamarin to share code across business services and core logic in order to develop a single, unified code base that powers all three SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment applications. A flexible design language allowed for simple asset management to customize each application. Combined with a powerful CMS and analytics platform, this suite of applications allows park management to gain valuable insights into their parks.

Check it out in the App Store and on Google Play

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Why Xamarin?

The beauty of Xamarin is that despite the differences under the hood, Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android (coupled with Microsoft’s Windows SDKs) offer a seamless experience for writing C# code that can be re-used across all three platforms. It’s a perfect solution for businesses that already employ C# / .NET as their primary programing language.

Business logic, database usage, network access and other common functions can be written once and re-used on each platform, providing a foundation for platform-specific user interfaces that look and perform as native applications.

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Lead management for real estate agents

The Referral Maker app focuses on nurturing and maintaining a real estate agent’s existing clients and new leads. Designed to accommodate a real estate agent’s on-the-road and work style, the app prompts the user to accomplish daily “wins” to stay on track towards measurable results, all calculated through Brian Buffini’s metrics for success.

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Built with Xamarin

Why Seamgen?

We're a Preferred Xamarin Partner and have implemented a number of beautiful and functional cross-platform applications in Xamarin. We've developed solid working relationships with Xamarin's business and technical leads, as well as created Xamarin bindings for a number of high-profile clients and services including Oracle MCS, JD Edwards Business Suite and AirWatch. We've collaborated with them on their own strategic business needs, helping lead to their acquisition by Microsoft. In fact, you may have been referred to our website by Xamarin.

We've built Xamarin apps for all of these companies and more...
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Cross-platform application development

We’ll create your application using the Model-View-ViewModel architecture pattern, which separates the code into testable layers. With this architecture we can take advantage of platform-specific features at any level, and provide the user the experience they expect from their device. Unlike some other cross-platform tools, Xamarin does not limit what you can produce: Xamarin says , “Anything you can do in Objective-C and Java can be done in C# with Xamarin.” In fact, using bindings, you can take any existing code library and make it Xamarin compatible.

As a Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner, we’re experts at implementing cross-platform mobile strategies. We are uniquely poised to develop cross-platform applications with Xamarin, as we have built our Xamarin team with experts in native iOS, Android, and Windows development, as well as experts in C# development.

Check out our case studies for Sea World and Oracle, both built in Xamarin. We have more examples we can share if you’d like to reach out. We understand the capabilities of each platform, and we know how to use Xamarin to maximize user experience while minimizing development cost and time to market. Seamgen has successfully launched a number of beacon campaigns for major brands such as SeaWorld Parks, CocaCola and the Aria Hotel.

Our experience has shown us that certain types of applications are best suited to take advantage of all Xamarin has to offer. Curious to see if your app would benefit from Xamarin? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Enterprise mobile strategy

We created the Xamarin bindings for Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) API as well as for Oracle’s JD Edwards Business Suite API. As a part of this engagement we were asked to reimagine how Oracle’s suite of over 190 individual applications could be redesigned and delivered using Xamarin. Our Enterprise UI Kit envisions how Oracle and their clients can simply manage, update and customize their suite of applications across multiple platforms and devices.


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