As DriveCam, we’ve spent years honing driver safety programs to give clients a unique perspective into their businesses.

At Lytx, we use the power of the insights we capture from data to advance the science of driving. Our flagship product, DriveCam, sets the bar for driver safety in the industries we serve. We help clients in both public and private sectors realize tremendous ROI by lowering operating costs and reducing insurance claims, while achieving greater efficiency and compliance.

  • The Goal
  • Change driver behavior through valuable metrics and a user-friendly interface.

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  • Discovery Phase

Our ongoing relationship with Lytx has been tight knit so when it came to the discovery process, immersion was second nature. Many meetings were had with stakeholders so that we could fully understand their business, goals, and overall vision for their new application.

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Lytx User Icon Mobile
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  • Build the Foundation

After the user testing was complete, we were able to analyze the results and start forming meaningful ideas. Following the old adage “you’re only as good as your data”, we started to rethink the information architecture to help streamline the way users flow through the application. This step was our bread and butter in the effort to create a more efficient workflow for the end users.

Flexibility is Key

Lytx had outgrown their current build and maintenance strategy. So in our effort to save them time and money, we’ve helped consolidate multiple code bases into one code base. This strategy will help to future-proof their application and create a device-agnostic environment for their users.

Lytx Info Graphic Mobile, Flexibilty is Key
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  • Design Process

While the application is being rebuilt, we continue to offer design support. As iterations are released, so are new visions for the interface that run through the full gamut of our design process. This includes a comprehensive collection of wireframes, a robust interactive prototype, and a modern interface design.

Lytx Design Process Image

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