With the New Year upon us and the holiday season in our rearview mirror many of us reflect on last year’s resolutions, or more so on the resolutions, we didn’t quite accomplish. Have no fear, 2016 provides all of us with a fresh start and a new set of resolutions. Now is your chance to pull out a piece of paper, grab a pen and prepare a list of lifestyle changes you want to make. A few of our great employees here at Seamgen have shared their New Year’s resolutions with you. Check out 10 of our New Year’s resolutions below:

  1. Create better and more astonishing applications.” – Sr. Software Engineer Jesus Gracia 
  2. “Revamp the aesthetic of the office.” – President/CEO Marc Alringer
  3. “Become a better singer.” – Software Engineer Qasim Soomro
  4. “Invest my money.” – Business Development Manager Kelly O’Connor
  5. “Cut back eating all the delicious treats in the office.” – Project Manager Elle Larsson
  6. “Improve my skills in Spanish & learn JS.” – Marketing/Technical Writer Dwaine Smith
  7. “Improve my skills in Angular & Node.” – Front-End Developer Scott O’Brien
  8. “Eat healthier in the new year.” – Director of User Experience Brian Lamb
  9. “Go on more hiking adventures.” – Sr. Quality Assurance Analyst Mike Mistretta
  10. “Try a different activity every month.” – User Experience Designer Scott Albert


Whether your resolution revolves around learning a new skill, involves your health or finances; making a list is the easy part, sticking to them is what many find to be hardest. Letting others around you, whether it be family, friends or coworkers know about your resolutions can help you stay the course. We wish you all the best in 2016 and good luck with your new year’s resolutions. Have any questions or ideas for an app? Contact Seamgen for help!