There are many reasons why some apps succeed and why some apps fail. Over the years, we have learned a few tricks to help make sure our client’s apps are profitable. Learn about a few stages of the app building process that many people overlook and what can be the difference between big success or failure.

Ideas Stage

Often we all have what we believe to be an awesome idea for an app, and we think everyone will agree with our thinking. Are you sure your idea has business value? Taking a step back and answering a few questions will help you realize if your idea is gold or if it is just fools gold.

Questions to ask:

Who would use my app?

What problem does my app solve?

How does my app make people’s lives easier?

Does it create a niche in the market? Or join a crowded space?

Those are just a few of the questions you should answer before thinking about building an app. Without doing the proper research to understand whom you are targeting, you may end up with a beautifully designed and well functional product that people do not want.


Offering a great user experience is an important component that many miss when they are building an app. When a user finds it challenging to navigate through your app, they will more than likely not use your app again. At the very least users should be able to figure out the basic functions quickly. Other examples of poor user experience are UI lag, slow loading times and a lengthy onboarding process. Understanding the best practices for each platform you may be developing on (iOS Human Interface Guidelines, Android Design Principles) can help you provide a better platform-specific experience for your users.

QA Testing

At Seamgen QA testing is included when we build your app. Taking the time to test to find bugs and prevent your app from crashing before you launch a major step that many customers recognize, but they tend to want to hurry to get their app out or don’t want to pay for this step. Rushing past this step can cause your users to have an unsatisfactory experience with your app. Fixing the bugs after you launch will not bring those users back. App testing needs to be done before an app is submitted to the app store, taking the time to test will ensure all the hard work you have the done in the months leading to your launch was worth it all.


Having a successful app is much more than having a great idea and great design. Taking the time to do some research on the market you are targeting and creating a design that is not only beautiful but also provides a great user experience to increase your chances of success significantly. Testing your app before launching it is a major step that can further ensure that your users are  happy with your app. Have an idea for an app? Contact Seamgen!