Seamgen is happy to be partnering again with the Healthcare IT company Aldera. Aldera pioneered the first commercially available pharmacy benefit management systems more than 20 years ago. Their headquarters is based out of Lisle, Illinois, with a regional office in San Diego. Seamgen, based in San Diego, California, is a custom design and development agency specializing in mobile and web applications. Aldera first came to Seamgen seeking user experience expertise, and Seamgen was able to improve upon Aldera’s existing platform and simplify day-to-day task for users.

This time around Seamgen will be working with Aldera on their Member Portal 4.0.

“The user interface is a critical part of a great member experience. That’s why Aldera has partnered with Seamgen an industry-leading mobile and digital agency, on the user-interface design.” writes Darin LeGrange, President & CEO of Aldera.

Aldera’s development team is working with Seamgen’s design team to deliver a member portal that will include a shop and will be mobile friendly. With this partnership, Aldera and Seamgen will continue to find ways to provide an easy and pleasant user experience in the every changing field of healthcare.

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