Think about the last time you ventured into a store and your phone was NOT in your hand during the extent of your visit. This was a time when your phone lacked modern technologies such as internet, text messaging, or mobile applications, and was what is commonly referred to now as “the brick”. Mobile devices are commonly used today. Whether you use your smart phone to compare prices, access a discount codes, read product reviews, or respond to a text message, one can assume you are actively engaged in your mobile device while you are shopping. Now how does your interest in your phone effect the future of retail you ask? Well, the future lies in the innovation of the Beacon.

Illustration of a mobile phone with shopping icons

Beacons are small devices that use Bluetooth to communicate with a mobile devices and act as a gateway between retailers and the consumer. Beacons are great because they can work in a low-powered state and wake your app when you enter a pre-defined region. Once your app is awake you can get the actual proximity to the beacon. Beacons are location specific, which means they provide custom interaction to the mobile device based on your location. With this new technological capability, it allows retailers to connect with the shopper within the store, knowing their particular location. This valuable information allows the retailer to provide customized content, push notifications, and offers to the smartphone that is knowingly in the hands of the consumer at the most optimal time.

Beacons can track where consumers are lingering, foot traffic patterns within the store, and so on. This information gives a company an incredible amount of leverage against their competitors lacking this cutting-edge technology. It is clear to us that Beacons are the future of retail shopping. To find out how you can partner with Seamgen to take advantage of Beacon technology please don’t hesitate to contact us.