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Design / Development / 06.25.19

10 Key Factors to Ensure Software Project Success

Completing projects successfully and within schedule and budget can be a very challenging endeavor. Design and development teams around the world struggle to deliver on the demands of their stakeholders, while still retaining their life and sanity. Throughout this blog we discuss the common reasons that software projects go over budget, and what you can…

Design / Development / 06.20.19

Why User Testing Is Important

Updated June 20th, 2019 You have a product and your customers will buy it only if it fulfills a need, achieves a goal, or solves a problem. This is why it’s crucial for your business to build products with the end users’ goals in mind. One way to ensure that your product and/or service aligns with your users’…

Articles / Design / Development / 06.07.19

Signs That It’s Time to Build a Mobile App

Not only can mobile apps be a source of entertainment, but they can enable you to enhance business operations with internal and consumer facing applications. Internal business apps can boost communication and collaboration among employees while increasing your overall workplace efficiency. Meanwhile, consumer facing applications can amplify your brand and enhance customer engagement which leads…

Articles / Design / Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 03.21.19

How The Online Review Revolution Is Affecting The Tech Industry

If you want to achieve human-centered design, you can’t ignore the online review revolution. 80% of 18-34 year olds have written online reviews and 95% have read them. One Harvard study found that business revenue can jump as much as 9% with each star increase in their rating. 73% of customers say that positive reviews…

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