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Articles / Design / 07.18.19

The Most Common UX Deliverables

UX design work occurs in a variety of contexts, but in all cases UX professionals need to effectively communicate their design ideas. To communicate these designs, designers use artifacts collectively referred to as deliverables. A deliverable is a document of work that serves as an official record of work performed.  Deliverables communicate design ideas to…

Articles / Design / 07.16.19

Friction in UX Design Can Be Beneficial

Friction in UX design is when something in the design slows the user down or makes it hard for them to accomplish their task. This can be a pop-up advising a user to sign up for a newsletter, an empty state page, or an “Are you sure you want to delete this” message. Although this…

Design / Education / 07.05.19

More Reasons to Invest in Quality UX Design

The world of mobile web traffic has seen drastic increases over the past few years, and the corporate desire to enhance user experience (UX) design has become a significant priority in the transition from desktop to mobile. Oftentimes the measurable return on investment attained from quality UX design includes increased purchases, along with strengthened brand…

Articles / Design / Development / 07.03.19

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App?

Updated July 2019 What does it cost to build an app? This is a million dollar question! There is no single answer to this question because cost will vary significantly based on your project requirements. To get an idea, a study was conducted, which involved emailing out a request for proposals (RFP) to 100 firms….

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