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Development / Emerging Tech / 12.04.18

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Banking Sector

Mobile banking apps have undoubtedly become an important standard of service in the banking sector over the last few years. Managers of banking institutions have discovered that clients expect so much whenever they release new or upgraded apps into the market. Over the last decade, the popularity of mobile banking apps has consistently been on…

All / Design / Development / 11.28.18

Why WebFlow Is The Best CMS For Small Medium Businesses

As a marketer, I needed to learn different programming languages just to make simple content edits on a website. Keeping up with relevant web development trends while focusing on the next marketing campaign was not an ideal way to spend my time. Let alone having to bug the developers to correct a simple typo. Even…

Development / Featured / 11.14.18

Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company

Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company is written by Daniel Goldstein, Bailey Busch, and many other collaborators. Hiring a software development company can be a brutal process, and frankly, it doesn’t need to be. The goal of hiring a (custom) software development company is to find the right team, for the right type of…

Development / 11.13.18

Don’t Sink Your Sales, Sync Your Cloud Instead

Sales and marketing form the backbone of every business that positions itself to succeed. However, a little more than these two processes is needed – technology. Businesses that continue to thrive and maintain a consistent growth pattern are those that are never shy to embrace changes including technological advancements. For example, most high-achievers have moved…

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