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Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 06.26.19

Software Development Trends in 2019

This blog was originally published on Gummicube’s website. Programming languages, development & App Store Optimization strategies, frameworks, methodologies, libraries, APIs, user experience design tools, and consumer preferences are constantly evolving. This is largely due to the pressure to innovate and to keep up with ever-changing software technologies. Companies are always looking for a better way…

Development / Emerging Tech / 06.05.19

The Future of Low-Code and No-Code Development

Do you have a great idea for an app, but don’t know how to build it? Have you heard of Low-Code or No-Code solutions? They promise you the ability to create software without the need to hire a software development company. Building an app is a very complicated endeavor, can these low/no-code platforms really allow…

Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 05.23.19

Using AR/VR to Boost Your Business

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) don’t stop with the funky goggles or apps like Pokémon GO and Snapchat. Rather, they create unparalleled user experiences across a number of different industries. VR and AR technologies provide unique and exciting ways for consumers to interact with services or products. VR is a computer-generated simulation of…

Emerging Tech / 05.16.19

What is Facial Recognition Technology and Why Is It So Great?

Not long ago, getting a computer to recognize your face was science fiction, but now, the technology is everywhere and reliable enough to be used for secure identification. If you have the latest iPhone, you carry this technology around in your pocket. You no longer need to scan your fingerprint or enter a password. Just…

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