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Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 10.31.19

Offset Development Costs by White-Labeling Your Software Solution

You have an idea for a digital application that you think will support and improve your business.  When you do your research on what it will take to design and develop this product, the cost estimate is much higher than you anticipated and you’re unsure if you should proceed with the investment. You deliberate with your…

Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 10.30.19


In case you missed it, the tech community went through another significant milestone this year. The release of .NET Core 3.0 is a noteworthy advancement and it introduced a lot of new features including a new version of C#. Along with this major release we also learned about the latest and greatest C# 8.0.  C#…

Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 10.29.19

Why You Should Migrate Your Data Centers to the Cloud

According to Forbes, the cloud will hold 83% of enterprises’s business by 2020.  More and more businesses are switching to the cloud rather than relying on physical data centers.  Why is that? The cloud is a more efficient, lower-maintenance option for the fast-paced environment of the modern business world.  It offers many benefits including: automatic…

Development / Emerging Tech / 10.14.19

Responsive Web or Native Mobile App Development

When determining if you should build a responsive web app or a native mobile app, it is important to recognize the goals of your company and the problems your users are facing. Understanding these two things will heavily influence your mobile app development process. This blog should serve as a tool to help you and…

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