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Design / Emerging Tech / Startups / 06.05.18

San Diego Startups of the Month: June Edition

With each month that passes, San Diego continues its rapid growth in the number of startups either being created or moving here. Considering the beautiful weather, strong talent pool and influx of new technology, there aren’t any signs of the rise slowing down soon. With so many to choose from, here are a couple of…

Design / Development / Emerging Tech / Startups / Tech Trends / 05.22.18

Native Android Apps: The Best of 2018

The mobile app ecosystem is massive, but did you know that the majority of apps are designed and developed specifically for each operating system (i.e. iOS and Android)? In the world of apps, there are native mobile apps and there are apps that were built with cross-platform technologies. Cross-platform technologies like Cordova will wrap HTML…

Emerging Tech / News / Startups / 04.10.18

San Diego Startups of the Week

The number of startups choosing to operate out of San Diego continues to increase. Over the past two years more than 800 new startups launched in San Diego county. Whether a company is a few months old or 10 years old, we love having them in San Diego. We have listed a few of our…

Emerging Tech / Startups / 03.26.18

San Diego Startups of the Week

In 2017 many new startups chose San Diego as their home base and they brought in around $350 million in the first quarter. The innovations spanned from the healthcare industry all the way to craft beer enthusiasts. How many startups will there be in 2018? With the growing presence of venture capitalists, an entrepreneurial spirit,…

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