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Design / Development / Tech Trends / 10.02.19

Difference Between Automated and Manual Software Testing

Software testing is an esoteric concept.  If you’re not amongst the crowd of individuals that knows this well, we explain the difference between automated and manual software testing so you can make more informed decisions throughout the software development life cycle. Where do you start and which method is right for the job?  Let’s start…

Education / Tech Trends / 10.01.19

Mobile App Translation: Capturing Global Markets

Every day, there are more non-English mobile users entering the app market. In turn, there’s a tremendous demand for app developers to provide multilingual support and features in their app. However, language barriers are not the only thing developers need to worry about.   This article will help you understand the importance of mobile app translation,…

Design / Development / Tech Trends / 09.24.19

What Is Gamification and Why You Should Leverage It

Gamification is the act of using game design elements and characteristics, and applying them to non-game circumstances.  The goal of gamification is to boost user engagement, improve content flow, and increase productivity. When companies employ gamification, they are able to create meaningful interactions that produce customer loyalty, an increase in sales, and ultimately a larger…

Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 07.01.19

2019 Mobile App Growth Trends

This is a guest blog from Gummicube. When Apple’s App Store first launched in July 2008, there were only a few hundred apps available. A decade later and that number has skyrocketed to around 2 million – 4 million if you count Google Play. As the app stores and competition continue to mature, developers need…

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