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Articles / Tech Trends / 02.12.19

Artificial Intelligence Dominates Super Bowl Commercial Line-Up

Sports fans wait all year for Super Bowl Sunday to arrive. Advertisers also wait all year for this big day but for a slightly different reason: the commercials. Super Bowl commercials have long been a source of entertainment during the game and often include iconic marketing content. Due to the high viewership of the game,…

Articles / Tech Trends / 01.30.19

Reshaping the Customer Experience Through Technology: Expectations for 2019

Customer expectations reached an all-time high in 2018. With businesses’ improved capacity for technology and access to data, consumers now expect brands to anticipate their needs and use that to create personalized interactions. While 67 percent of consumers have stated that their standards for good experiences are higher than ever, many consumers are now willing…

Tech Trends / 01.08.19

10 Apps to Help Make your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Last year, we at Seamgen compiled a list of helpful apps that would help you keep those pesky New Year’s resolutions. If you were able to keep those resolutions, congratulations to you, but for the rest of us out there, we found ourselves breaking them within the first two weeks of 2018. That’s why we…

Articles / Design / Tech Trends / 12.27.18

The Key to Human-Centered Design is Listening to the User

User experience design has already been discussed quite frequently, so we won’t bore you with another definition. You know that UX design is meant to enhance the overall experience of your website or mobile app. Sometimes in the age of technology, as a designer or developer, it’s easy to forget that the user may not…

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