As an intern at Seamgen, you will be treated as just another team member. You will receive the opportunity to make an impact and contribute to the company’s goals and objectives. The intern program at Seamgen is an opportunity to learn and receive hands-on experience that you would not find anywhere else. Throughout the internship you will receive ongoing guidance and support to develop your professional skills and grow as an individual. The Seamgen management team is invested in the growth of their interns and they will put you in a position to succeed. 

In our intern program, you are not here to fetch coffee, run errands, or do menial jobs; you are here to help grow the business and turn it into something great.

Seamgen’s intern program has internship opportunities across all the departments: sales and marketing, design and development, and even quality assurance. 

Intern program

The Onboarding Process

Upon joining the team, Seamgen simplifies the onboarding process with the use of department-specific “playbooks.” The playbooks highlight processes and tools, and they serve as an introduction to the initiatives that you will be fortunate enough to work on. Upper management will get you up to speed and ensure you feel comfortable as a new member of the team.  

Your responsibilities will be clearly assigned and your tasks are well-defined to ensure you can put your best foot forward. Each week, the interns have a meeting with their manager as to brief the team on the progress they have made so far, whether there is something impeding them, and it’s an opportunity for the team to discuss new strategies or ideas. 

Marketing Interns

As a marketing intern you will have the opportunity to wear a lot of hats and experiment with the different aspects of digital marketing in the modern world. The overarching marketing pillars at Seamgen consist of Content Creation, SEO, Email Marketing, Public Relations, and Social Media. The Seamgen marketing team will give you the opportunity to work on initiatives that you are truly interested in. 

“I am learning a lot about the marketing field and applying skill sets that I had been eager to use. I am grateful that I get to work on so many interesting and engaging projects that I never thought I would get to work on as an intern. Everyone is very encouraging and I am always learning from my mentors and peers.” -Marketing Intern 

Sales Interns

The sales intern program allows interns the opportunity to work closely with our account management team to identify new leads and execute an outbound sales strategy. They will have the opportunity to shadow our VP of Client Services who has over 30 years of experience. The internship is an unparalleled mentoring opportunity and you’ll be on the front lines with the ability to pitch prospects and close deals. 

From prospecting and lead follow-ups to creating elegant proposals for prospects, the sales intern is immersed in opportunities to expand their skill set and learn some of the most important sales best practices.

Design Interns

As a design intern you will be faced with design challenges and will be responsible for identifying workflows, tailoring your work to user’s needs, and creating intuitive user experiences. You will work directly with our user experience design team and our VP of User Experience will oversee your work.

You have the opportunity to solve challenges creatively and test your abilities. Receiving continuous guidance from our team, you will be put in a position to deliver exceptional work to our clients. 

“The UX team was eager to help me hone my design skills and it was reassuring to have more knowledgeable team members around me. I really enjoyed it because although I was given guidelines for my work, I was able to put my own spin on the projects.” -Design Intern  

Dev Interns

The development intern program gives interns the opportunity to work on client projects as well as the Seamgen website. As a leading custom software development agency, Seamgen is at the forefront of innovation, so you will have the opportunity to work with the latest tools and technologies. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand your skill set. 

“It took me a couple of days to get adjusted, but when I started to ask questions, I picked up information more quickly. I was initially put on a big client project, which surprised me because I was only an intern. The mentoring I’ve received is invaluable” -Software Development Intern

Intern program

“This hands-on opportunity coupled with the guidance and mentorship of my superiors has helped me learn how to sell yourself as a business and what clients look for in a company.  I am extremely grateful for Seamgen and the opportunity it has given me to further my experience in the marketing realm.”

Though the tech scene may seem intimidating, the Seamgen team prides itself on helping its team members grow professionally and personally. The company fosters a very collaborative environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up. The team values everyone’s ideas and together we can achieve our goals.