It’s no surprise that more clients are coming to Seamgen asking if we can make their current website mobile friendly. According to eMarket, 5 billion people will be using mobile devices by 2017. These astronomical numbers make it clear to any business that having a mobile presence is a necessity. The more important question to ask is which type of technology will best suit their business needs. The answer to this question is partially dependent upon whether the site contains a wealth of information that users access on a regular basis, or if the users are on the go and just looking for a few key pieces of information about the business. In the latter case, when speed is important for users, a trimmed down version of the site becomes the best option. If you’re going to build a mobile only web site, no other tool does a better job then jQuery Mobile.

jQuery Mobile is an HTML5/CSS3 based open source UI framework that works across all of the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. The framework is built on the popular and stable jQuery core and jQuery user interface (UI).  jQuery Mobile also has some very big sponsors such as Mozilla, Palm, Adobe, Nokia, and Blackberry to name a few. These companies have invested money, hardware, and developer resources to ensure the success of the project. Any developer would agree that the most time consuming aspect of mobile web development is browser testing across various devices. jQuery Mobile cuts down on the need for testing, reducing some of the time and costs associated with the development. jQuery Mobile also offers themes that are very attractive and highly customizable to fit any companies branding. It’s no wonder that companies such as Stanford, Sam Adams Brewery, H&R Block, United, Disney World, and Rolex have chosen jQuery Mobile for their mobile solution.

If you are new to the world of mobile development, we recommend that you consider jQuery Mobile as an option for making your current site mobile friendly. For more information about building a mobile website with jQuery, get in touch with us today by clicking here.