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Mindstrong Health bringing in cash

On June 15th, Palo Alto startup Mindstrong Health wrapped up its $14M Series A funding.

While this startup will not make you mentally buff despite the name, founders Paul Dagum, Tom Insel, and Rick Klausner aim on transforming behavioral health diagnosis and treatment through our own smartphones.

June 16th Tech Newsflash Mindstrong

In press release published on pehub.com, Dr. Insel stated:

“What excites me about Mindstrong is the transformation of an individual’s patterns of typing or scrolling on a smartphone into precise measures of cognitive function,” said Dr. Tom Insel, co-founder and President of Mindstrong Health. “This new, powerful approach to assessment serves as the foundation for developing better interventions to improve mental health care. Mental disorders are global health problems. With smartphones we have a potential global solution.”

While closing a $14M Series A funding is impressive, the story is deeper due to some classic Silicon Valley drama. Until recently, Dr. Insel was a neuroscientist at Verily Life Sciences, a company under Alphabet. Both Mindstrong and Verily have similar goals in mind but despite having Verily as competition, executives are not worried per a Buzzfeed News report.

Hinadan and WWDC 2017

While we enjoy ourselves with Cracker Bargel and the hilarity of people learning social media norms, that’s not the case for 82-year-old Wakamiya Masako. She is the creator of the Japanese game Hinadan, and only got started late last year. As the oldest attendant at WWDC 2017 last week, Wakamiya-san was congratulated by Tim Cook in the beginning of the Keynote.

Source: Ted Talks

Hinadan, based off the real world Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day, revolves around creating doll displays for the festival. Aimed at the older generation, the app has been a hit and currently has a five-star rating on the Apple App Store. すばらしいです。

Billion-dollar grocery shopping

Amazon went shopping and decided to go big or go home. The result? Buying Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. Amazon is pushing beyond the online retail marketplace with locations such as bookstores and with this new deal, gained the brick and mortar placements of Whole Foods.

The food industry has slowly evolved, culminating in today’s supermarkets. Jeff Bezos has revolutionized one type of marketplace already, so is it time for another?

Only time and secret plans can tell what Amazon will do with Whole Foods.

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