Every year around New Years, we make that promise to ourselves that the next year is going to be different. You vow that you will do something life changing whether that is to learn a new language, start exercising again, or break a bad habit.

Then two weeks later, most of us find ourselves falling back into our old ways, but that doesn’t have to be the case for 2017. We at Seamgen have found 10 helpful apps that will help you keep those New Years Resolutions.


habitbull app to help keep your new years resolutions

Have an annoying habit of biting your nails or maybe you want to build a routine of flossing before going to bed?

The app Habbitbull provides a platform for you to break bad habits or build new healthy ones. By using Seinfield’s Productivity Secret, it motivates you to keep going and not break the chain of days!

Maybe 2017 could finally be the year your dentist doesn’t have to tell you that you really should be flossing.


duolingo app screens for new years resolutions

Do you have an upcoming trip this year to a country where you don’t speak the language? Maybe you want to have a resolution to learn that language.

Duolingo offers over 27 different language course to choose from and helps you commit to a goal of learning a certain amount each day.

The app also gamifies it making it a fun and enjoyable experience of learning a new language


skimble workout trainer app menu on a tablet

Nielsen statistics show that the most common New Years Resolution is that you want to get in shape and lose some weight.

Although about 37 % of Americans choose to stay fit and eat healthy as promise they would like to keep for the upcoming year, most of us buy a gym membership and use it for only two weeks.

If only you had a cheap personal trainer to motivate you at anytime. Well with the app Skimble, that dream becomes a reality. Skimble pulls workouts from some of the top fitness experts in the nation to help you keep that promise and get in shape.


fooducate app

Maybe working out isn’t the problem. Instead you think it might be the food you eat. Well there is an app for that as well.

Fooducate helps average consumers select healthier alternatives when they are shopping for food.

All you need to do is scan the barcode on the item when you are shopping, and Fooducate will tell you what is actually in those Cheeto Puffs that you have been buying. The app will also suggest healthier alternatives to help you change your eating habits.


MyFitnessPal app screens showcasing exercise steps

Wish you could combine both a diet app along with a fitness app? Then myFitnessPal will become your new best friend.

From the creators of Underarmor, this platform helps you track your calorie intake along with your workout regiment you are doing. This all-around health app will help you get in shape and track that progress.


strava app

Meet some other people who are fulfilling those resolutions of being active with the app Strava.

This app allows users to connect with other athletes worldwide. The way you post is by being active. You can show other users the progress you are making, but also get new and exciting ideas of activities that you could possibly be doing.


happify app procedure

Maybe this year you don’t want exercising and staying healthy to be your New Years Resolution, and you want to try something new and unique.

The app Happify provides personalized daily activities for your brain to overcome stress and negative thoughts. With each passing day, it will strengthen your skills on being a happy person.

So when friends ask you what you are trying to do for the upcoming year, you can respond “I’m going to try being happy everyday.”


mint app screen with benefits highlighted

No matter what stage in your life, we all have to balance a budget, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything.

If this is the year you want to try to be more responsible with your money, Mint is the app for you.

From the creators of TurboTax, this platform allows to keep track of all your money needs in one place, and also creates a personalized budget track for you to follow. You effortlessly manage your finances all in one place.


encode app screens

With this being Seamgen’s favorite app for your 2017 new years resolution, the app Encode teaches you the concepts of coding in  fun and challenging ways.

While most of it is Javascript, The main objective is to help an average person to learn how to program

Afterall we are a software development company, and we love to see more and more people learn the basics behind what we do!

Thanks for Reading! Have a Fantastic New Years!

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