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Development / 03.18.15

Xamarin App Helps Surgeons Improve Patient Experiences

Mobile devices are transforming many fields and healthcare is no exception. There are already thousands of apps to help you monitor your health and fitness, but this is just beginning. An increasing number of healthcare providers are using smartphones, tablets and handheld monitoring devices to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in delivering patient care. Graphium…

Development / 03.13.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #8 – Choosing the Wrong Partner

The single most costly mistake when building mobile products is choosing the wrong partner. The wrong partner will obviously cost money, but most importantly, it will cost trust and time. It will cost the trust of the executive team in “mobile” and it will cost time to market — allowing competition to gain market share. Choosing the…

Events / 03.11.15

Apple’s March 9 event: Key highlights

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, came out to present the latest Apple products. Most anticipated this would be the introduction of the Apple Watch, and it was complemented by a plethora of other Apple updates to excite and intrigue. The Prelude The show began at 10 am PDT with Cook announcing new stores in…

Development / 03.09.15

Xamarin.Forms and the Main Attraction in Release 1.3.4

Xamarin.Forms 1.3.4, which was released in mid-February, provides some follow-on enhancement and bug fixes to January’s 1.3 release. The main attraction in release 1.3.4 are the features introduced in 1.3, which for the most part are aimed at making designers and developers more efficient and apps more consistent. According to Xamarin’s Craig Dunn, 1.3 was…