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Articles / 03.06.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #7 – Rushing the Launch of Your Mobile Product

All the hype, excitement and hard work all “culminates” into one momentous moment — product launch! Right?  Or, at least that’s how it is for products outside of mobile and digital. Not so much in the mobile and digital industry. Products are continuous iterations that require very particular launch strategies over a period of time. This is…

Articles / 03.04.15

How Beacon Technology Can Help the Travel Consumer

Retailers and many  businesses are employing a new trend to engage consumers, beacon technology. Beacons work using Bluetooth Low Energy, and can transmit location data up to 100 feet. When a customer comes within range of a beacon, his or her smart device can use the beacon to gauge distance. With multiple beacons, a user…

Articles / 03.02.15

Mobile Testing Made Easy with Xamarin

App testing is an inexact science, especially when developers are the only ones responsible for testing. There’s a high degree of probability that developers will miss testing many of the same cases that they forgot to consider when implementing the app. To avoid this situation, most software development organizations hire dedicated testers who understand how…

Articles / 02.27.15

Why Quality Assurance Testing Is worth the Investment

The market for software development, and the subsequent need for Quality Assurance (QA) testing, grew at an almost exponential rate during the Internet boom of the 1990s. Testing companies flourished, new tools developed, and processes were refined. There was a high demand for skilled QA engineers. Things changed when the market declined sharply in the…