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Articles / 02.25.15

Beating Android Fragmentation with Xamarin Test Cloud

Android’s fragmentation problem causes mobile developers more problems than almost anything else on the platform. Android accounted for 81.2 % of the global mobile market last year, with over a billion devices sold. Unfortunately, this success has caused a lot of problems for developers. A recent survey by showed almost 19,000 unique android devices…

Articles / 02.23.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #6 – Thinking User Experience Design Is the Same as User Interface Design

UX is not UI. What is the difference? User Experience is the feeling somebody has while using a product. Designing for feeling encompasses literally the entire product — including, God forbid, the customer support if it breaks. Only part of the User Experience is the User Interface Design — how it looks and functions. For mobile products, User Experience…

Development / 02.18.15

Xamarin Insights Part I – Application Performance Monitoring with Crash Analytics

If you have an app and your users are experiencing problems, you need to know, and fast. Even if they are not experiencing problems, you want to know how they are interacting with your app. How do you get this information? Here at Seamgen, we use Xamarin Insights. Xamarin Insights is a highly evolved system…