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Emerging Tech / 02.16.15

Can mHealth Transform Healthcare?

mHealth is short for mobile health, which is medical and health support provided with the aid of mobile devices. The Affordable Care Act changed the model for health care and has spurred the growth of mHealth services. The new model rewards prevention and only pays for necessary medical care, while making the providers pay for…

Development / 02.13.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #5 – Assuming the Backend Data Is Ready for Mobile

You want to build an amazing front end user experience and mobile application — I get it. Let’s say you want to build something that delights your users, creates a loyalty program, or integrates with your existing inventory systems. Let’s say you want to build a product that calls on data distributed across all of your fragmented…

Development / 02.11.15

5 Reasons to Use Xamarin

If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app, one of the first questions you’ll need to answer is, “Native or cross-platform?” This refers to how you’ll architect your software so that it runs on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Few professional apps are delivered on only one platform, but developing three separate native apps can…

Development / 02.09.15

What You Ought to Know about Source Control

Source control (or Version Control) is a way of storing and managing any kind of digital content. It is mainly used in software development, but it can be used anywhere you need to maintain a record of what changed and who changed it. Software engineers must know with certainty what source code is associated with…