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Development / 02.05.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #4 – Confusing Truncated Waterfall for Agile

Agile is the hot word. Are you an agile shop? Do you build agile products? What’s your burn down? Who is your scrum master? If you don’t know what any of these questions mean, this post might not make much sense. But, if you do, then read on because I’ve seen a huge mistake among…

Emerging Tech / 02.04.15

2015 Technology Priorities Infographic

We at Seamgen conducted a technology survey with 403 Fortune 1000 business executives to discover priorities and budgets for 2015. 63% were Director-level or higher, and we found some interesting results that we put into a technology predictions infographic below. Thanks for Checking out the Technology Predictions Infographic Did you find our infographic interesting? Click…

News / 02.03.15

Xamarin’s Extended Partnership with Microsoft

It’s no secret that Microsoft has struggled to become relevant in the mobile market. According to Strategy Analytics, Microsoft managed just 3% of the mobile market in 2014, down from 3.3% in 2013. Mobile apps generated an estimated $35 billion in revenue during 2014 and are projected to reach over $76.5 billion by 2017 (source)….

Emerging Tech / 01.31.15

UAV Drones – the Future of Connectivity?

People always get excited about future technology, like robots. Or even better, “flying” robots, which science fiction movies for many years have given us, thanks to computer graphics or modeling. Not anymore! Enter the UAV, short for “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” Drone! Remotely controlled, we’ve seen them this past decade entering the public eye more frequently…