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Development / 01.28.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #3: Trying to Do Too Much in an MVP

Okay, I get it, there are SO many things that your new product will do, and you think your users want it all. They want the chat function from Facebook, the wayfinding application of Foursquare, the reviews of Yelp, and the ability to facetime with a monkey in the Chilean jungle. Your users are always…

Design / 01.22.15

User-Centered Design in an Agile Environment

A lot has been written about User-Centered Design (UCD) and Agile development. Over the last 20 years, UCD has eclipsed every other design methodology; activity-centered and goal-directed design methods have largely been forgotten outside of academia. More recently, Agile development practices have proven themselves across a wide variety of industries, from software development to automotive…

Development / 01.22.15

Breaking in to Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the application of analytics to business problems. Analytics is math and statistics applied to data sets to look for patterns, find correlations, take measurements, and make projections. Types of Statistics Software vendors have sold the idea of analytics as a panacea that can provide business intelligence. Their products feature handsome dashboards with…

Development / 01.21.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #2: Siloing Design and Development

Why do teams still separate design and development? It’s 2015 and this is a giant problem and prolific within larger organizations. Design and development should not work in silos in order to make a mobile product come to life. This is an old “waterfall” software development practice. Great mobile products are built with integrated design…