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Development / 01.20.15

Getting Started with Xamarin

Mobile app developers usually know Android (Java) or Objective-C but not both. If you have worked with Objective-C before then you know that to an Android developer it looks like Greek, meaning something entirely foreign. Moving from Android to Objective-C programming is not just a matter of learning a new syntax, like with some other…

Development / 01.17.15

BLE Beacons Are Coming to a Retailer near You

If you saw the Spielberg movie “Minority Report,” you watched the policeman played by Tom Cruise run through a mall, pistol in hand, chasing the bad guys. A video display greeted him by name pitching him a companion product to one he bought a few months before. As so often happens with sci-fi writing, what…

Development / 01.15.15

Meet Your Customer’s Need with Mobile Apps

No one has a crystal ball to peer into the future and see what mobile apps might work best in the marketplace. For every Startup Company and mobile app that has gained a following, the ground is littered with mobile apps that have flopped in the marketplace. Startup entrepreneurs will tell you that this is…

Design / 01.14.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #1 – Ignoring the User as a Source of Truth

There are many factors that go into making great mobile products—for startups and enterprises—and one of the largest universal mistakes I’ve seen over the past few years is a product team ignoring the user as a source of truth. This may sound straightforward to some of you, but it’s one of the most consistent mistakes….