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Design / 01.14.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #1 – Ignoring the User as a Source of Truth

There are many factors that go into making great mobile products—for startups and enterprises—and one of the largest universal mistakes I’ve seen over the past few years is a product team ignoring the user as a source of truth. This may sound straightforward to some of you, but it’s one of the most consistent mistakes….

News / 01.13.15

Dish Network’s Big CES Announcement

One exciting announcement from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week was Dish’s Network’s announcement that it will stream ESPN and other channels over the Internet. This announcement is especially timely because it comes just ahead of an FCC ruling on net neutrality set for next month. Whether streaming video will reduce…

Development / 10.17.14

Qualities of Functional Programming

Functional programming is distinguished from its more prevalent object-oriented and procedural cousins by the use of mathematical functions as the central units of abstraction. While object-oriented programs seek to model a problem in terms of a hierarchy of class categories with attached behaviors (a person, a printer, a chat conversation, a network connection manager and…

Development / 09.19.14

Agile Development and the Customer

What does it mean to you, the customer, to work with an agile software development team? Part of a team It means you’re not just working with the team, you’re an integral part of the team. Being agile means understanding that the marketplace is constantly changing, and the product has to change along with it….