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Development / 01.21.15

Mobile Product Building Mistake #2: Siloing Design and Development

Why do teams still separate design and development? It’s 2015 and this is a giant problem and prolific within larger organizations. Design and development should not work in silos in order to make a mobile product come to life. This is an old “waterfall” software development practice. Great mobile products are built with integrated design…

Development / 01.20.15

Getting Started with Xamarin

Mobile app developers usually know Android (Java) or Objective-C but not both. If you have worked with Objective-C before then you know that to an Android developer it looks like Greek, meaning something entirely foreign. Moving from Android to Objective-C programming is not just a matter of learning a new syntax, like with some other…

Development / 01.17.15

BLE Beacons Are Coming to a Retailer near You

If you saw the Spielberg movie “Minority Report,” you watched the policeman played by Tom Cruise run through a mall, pistol in hand, chasing the bad guys. A video display greeted him by name pitching him a companion product to one he bought a few months before. As so often happens with sci-fi writing, what…

Development / 01.15.15

Meet Your Customer’s Need with Mobile Apps

No one has a crystal ball to peer into the future and see what mobile apps might work best in the marketplace. For every Startup Company and mobile app that has gained a following, the ground is littered with mobile apps that have flopped in the marketplace. Startup entrepreneurs will tell you that this is…