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Emerging Tech / 01.23.14

Beacon Technology and the Future of Retail Shopping

Think about the last time you ventured into a store and your phone was NOT in your hand during the extent of your visit. This was a time when your phone lacked modern technologies such as internet, text messaging, or mobile applications, and was what is commonly referred to now as “the brick”. Mobile devices…

Emerging Tech / 01.14.14

3 Cool Mobile Apps to Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

January not only marks the start of a new year but a fresh start on all the various aspects of our lives we wish to improve. Countless people sit down and actually write out an entire list of all the things they plan on doing better for the rest of the year. Even if you…

Design / 12.18.13

A Critique on the Usability of Hyperlinks in Web Design

In the early days of the web, one thing you could count on seeing on a regular basis were calls to action via the phrase “click here to.” For example, “click here to sign up,” or “click here to download,” and so on. The basic logic behind this approach was that the web originally started…

Development / 10.31.13

Using jQuery for Your Mobile Site

It’s no surprise that more clients are coming to Seamgen asking if we can make their current website mobile friendly. According to eMarket, 5 billion people will be using mobile devices by 2017. These astronomical numbers make it clear to any business that having a mobile presence is a necessity. The more important question to ask…