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Development / 09.12.14

How to Increase Customer Engagement with Beacon Technology

There are numerous stories regarding how beacons can be used in retail to push relevant information to consumers, and there are many companies creating messaging platforms which make it easy to do so. There are other applications of beacon technology, however, that are much more interesting. For instance, in the hospitality industry, you can create…

News / 09.05.14

iPhone 6 and iOS 8: What We Know so Far

The media world is again beginning to buzz with expectation in advance of Apple’s upcoming keynote. The hype may not reach the levels it used to when Jobs was at the helm, but this is still a pivotal moment for a company in need of a refresh to what has become one of its defining…

Development / 08.01.14

Market Better with Proximity Sensor Applications

Access to information is key when it comes to targeting the proper consumers for your product or service – and when that access is minimally intrusive to your consumers’ current habits, what could be better? This is exactly where the beacon technology finds its niche. The functionality of the beacon is so simple – it’s…

Design / 07.14.14

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch from Photoshop to Sketch 3

From the beginning of my career as a UX/UI guy, Photoshop has been my go-to tool for designing pretty much everything. When you use a tool for so long, it’s tough to imagine using anything different. After all, it eventually begins to feel like an extension of you. But it’s 2014 folks. Us UX/UI folk…