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Development / 06.06.12

Choosing between Automated and Manual Software Testing

Those of us who grew up watching The Jetsons are still waiting for our flying cars and robot servants to make life easier.  The thought of highly sophisticated robots driven by robust artificial intelligence programming sure sounded like a great idea.  The reality is that today’s robots play an integral part in modern manufacturing, but…

Development / 05.30.12

Do We Really Need Quality Assurance?

For those of us who have made quality our passion and career, the question seems silly. Of course we need quality assurance (QA). I’m still amazed, though, at organizations that undertake large software development projects who either see quality assurance as a nuisance or an afterthought – something you tack on at the end. Investing in…

Development / 04.05.12

The Growth of iPad Use in Healthcare

The Growth of iPad Use in Healthcare The application of interoperable, real-time technology in the medical field has grown exponentially since the launch of the first generation iPad in 2010, and the release of the latest version brings with it even greater potential for use in the healthcare market. The use of healthcare apps has…