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Design / Development / 04.12.18

Modernize your Mobile App Architecture

It seems like today there is an app for everything. A user friendly, fast, and engaging application is what gets people’s attention. If your mobile or web app architecture is from way back in the day, it might be time for some modernization. Incorporating the latest technologies helps an app keep up with changing user…

Development / 04.11.18

Quality in the World of Software Development

Quality in the World of Software Development (edited 11 April 2018) Software quality refers to the degree a system, component, or process conforms to specific requirements or expectations. In many instances, end users know “quality” software when they see it. This software is easy to use and error free. It also enables users to perform…

Emerging Tech / News / Startups / 04.10.18

San Diego Startups of the Week

The number of startups choosing to operate out of San Diego continues to increase. Over the past two years more than 800 new startups launched in San Diego county. Whether a company is a few months old or 10 years old, we love having them in San Diego. We have listed a few of our…

Design / 04.05.18

Are Push Notifications Driving Your Users Crazy?

Are you sending your user’s too many push notifications? Whether they care about your notification or not, it’s a constant battle between checking and clearing red badges. The best push notifications are those that integrate seamlessly into your day and provide value, not frustration. Seamgen would like to help you overcome this anti-UX pattern so…