Most people think of San Franciso when they hear the word “startup.” I mean why wouldn’t they. The San Francisco Bay Area has over 10,000 startups raising billions of dollars. They even have a hit-TV show based on the startup scene there called Silicon Valley. You are probably thinking, “Hey I would even start my company there.” Well, I am here to change your mind and give you a better alternative, San Diego. Seamgen loves it’s startups and believes that the San Diego Startup scene is the place to be!

Okay why San Diego then?

I could tell you it’s because of the lifestyle where everyone appears to be active and happy, or I could tell you it’s because we enjoy a nice 75 degree weather year round. I could even tell you it’s because we are in the top ten cities for the lowest commute times to get to work. While all of those are in fact true, this isn’t going to convince you to move and start a business here in San Diego. There’s a lot more to the equation, and I’m going to attempt to tackle all those questions circling in your head.

The San Diego Startup Numbers

According to the a recent report put out by the Kauffman Index, San Diego now ranks fourth in startup activity across the United States (behind Miami, Austin, and Los Angeles respectively). That’s a seven position increase swapping spots with San Francisco. San Diego has just over 1,000 registered startups and the number continues to grow.

san diego skyline

Not only the number of startups is growing, but also the amount of funding raised has drastically increased. According to Teleport, San Diego Startups have raised a combined $1 billion dollars. The funding is not only coming from VC firms, but also a growing community of angel investors that love to see startups grow in their favorite city.

Location, Location, Location..

There are three main reasons why startups should move here versus anywhere else.

1. Opportunity

Remember that Robert Frost poem “The Road not Taken.” Well it totally applies here. Taking the road less traveled gives your business the chance to more opportunities. You are no longer competing with the masses for funding or local market space as you are able to be a big fish in a small pond.

2. Affordability

Average rent for an apartment in San Francisco is $3803 while an average rent for an apartment in San Diego is $1,882. Why wouldn’t you pay less for your cost of living in a city with better location, traffic, and weather? You’re funding is able to last longer as you are getting more bang for your buck.

3. Talent Pool

Facebook. Google. Twitter. All of these companies offer their employees unbelievable packages to draw the best talent. From free breakfast, lunch, and dinner to entire arcades, it is hard to compete with these benefits when only just a startup. While San Diego has some major companies in the area, it is nothing compared to these giants. This allows for you and your company to become a great place to work in a great city!

Not only are you not competing with these major employers, you also have a huge access to the talent pool in the local area. From the local universities to the large veteran population, there are many jobs to give to qualified people looking to stay in the San Diego area.

Thanks for Reading!

We know we are a little biased, but I hoped you enjoyed our article on the San Diego Startup scene. Interested in partnering with a local, successful web and mobile app development company? Check out all the services we offer at Seamgen!

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