What Is UI?

It’s 2018, and more and more companies are asking, “What is UI and why is it important?”. Your UI—User Interface—is the face of your site or app, and potentially even your brand. It’s the visual representation of your company in the digital world. The fact is, having the perfect user interface is more important now than ever. It’s often the first impression that users may have of your business. If your UI is clean, beautiful, and easy to use, these qualities will be translated to the perception of your business as a whole. This makes user interface a key element to driving more traffic, sales, and connections with clients.

We know that the UI world is an ever-changing one where it can be hard to stay up-to-date. UI designers have to constantly put themselves in the shoes of the user and try to experience what it would be like to use the app for the first time. This sense of freshness is invaluable because first impressions are everything in this digital world. When we know how to see things from the user’s perspective, we are more able to craft products that are a pleasure to use. We should ask ourselves, “What is user interface contributing to this brand image?”. By staying tuned into current user interface trends and maintaining best practices while emphasizing the user’s first impression, UI designers can stay on the cutting edge of quality content.

Modern UI Design Principles

User preferences change with the times, so it’s important to be in touch with some of the best practices for UI design. A proper user interface design positively affects the mood of the user through the coordinated use of color, typography, and other elements of design. These elements are constantly evolving to meet the aesthetic expectations of users. Let’s take a look at a few of the best UI design principles of 2018:

  • Seamless flow between elements of your app or website give your UI an effortless feel. Users shouldn’t have to work to get the information they want—it’s as if it should unfold before them rather than them having to seek it out. Navigation should be obvious and consistent.
  • Warm colors are in style this year. Users are becoming more sensitive to harsh, bright colors that could drive them away, especially when browsing in a dimly lit environment at night. No one wants to be blasted with neon lights just before going to bed. Soothing colors bring a gentle mood to your project that encourages users to invest more time browsing.
  • A finger-friendly interface ensures that users can easily access all of your app’s elements on their mobiles. Having buttons that are too small will be a challenge for larger fingers, and certain areas of the screen are harder to reach for the thumbs, such as the top of the screen. As such, placing navigation buttons at the top of the screen may look good on paper, but can sometimes be awkward in mobile practice.

phone laying next to pencil and black paper

It’s important to frequently update your UI to keep with the times. There are more and more choices out there, which makes users ever more demanding of the apps they use. Seamgen has extensive experience staying on the cutting-edge of web and mobile app UI design. We help projects stay integrated into the daily lives of users by emphasizing both usability and beauty. What is user interface? It’s the face of your brand in today’s world. Stay ahead of the curve, and say hello@seamgen.com.