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Building startups from the ground up

After working with startups for the better part of a decade, we’ve built a lean and focused product building team. Our venture team focuses on accelerating products to market by connecting validated concepts to investors and incubators along with full access to our product team. Specializing in application design and development, Seamgen has a proven track record of bringing successful products to market, building meaningful user experiences and exceeding investor expectations.

What we offer

We build and scale products

Experienced product building team

Our product team specializes in designing and developing meaningful user experiences. With an expert in-house team of designers, developers, project managers, our partners have full access to the talent and resources needed to bring their product to market.

Quicker time to market

With a proven track record of launching successful products, our experienced product team will not only gets products to market faster, but also build it to scale. We define product launch strategies, specifying a focused and phased approach. Combined with a prioritized and feature list.

Connected investment partners

Our experience and history has built a trusted network of investment partners. When beneficial, we connect our startups with investment partners to provide necessary funding to launch a viable product or bring your product to the next level with our product team.

Venture portfolio

We work with products and services we believe in

What we need to know

Want to work with us?

We’re always looking for new and innovative products and services to bring to market. However, before we get started, we ask our potenital partners to review and answer a few key questions.

  • 1
  • Have you identified your market?

    In other words, who are you building this product/service for? This could be a few different folks, and we want to know how well you understand this group. This needs to be understood in order to properly test assumptions, create acceptance criteria, and build a great product. The end user is the most important person when designing a new product.

  • 2
  • What makes your product different?

    This is pretty straight forward. There are a thousand digital products in the marketplace, and we want to know why should anybody pay attention to your product. What problem is it solving that isn’t being solved and how is it solving it differently?

  • 3
  • What stage are you at in building your product?

    Is this just an idea? Do you have wireframes? Do you have a live beta? How far are you in the actual building phase? Do you have paying customers? Do you have a plan to build the rest of the product? We would seek to understand how far you have progressed from just an idea, and what effort is required to scale the product.

  • 4
  • What are your biggest weaknesses and roadblocks?

    What is preventing your product from dominating the marketplace? Can you succinctly identify some core weaknesses that are preventing the product from rapidly scaling? This helps us identify if this is a product, market, or team issue before we engage in a partnership.

How this works

Invested in your ideas

Discounted rates for partnership and equity

Our expert team of User Experience Designers focus on more than just creating beautiful interfaces. We design every screen and interaction with your business goals in mind, so your end product is not only beautiful, but highly functional, meeting the needs of your users across multiple devices.

Full access to our product team

Our development philosophy is simple: keep the front-end development de-coupled from specific server technologies, communicate using web services (typically REST/JSON based), and provide cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility with responsively designed HTML5 applications.

We only build digital products and services

Our back-end architecture approach is a critical component to building our systems. We are experts at REST interfaces and building systems up from small, independent components. Small, self-contained, single-purpose modules leads to systems that are robust, scalable, and extensible.

Pitch us your idea

Answer the questions in the link below and they’ll be forwarded directly to our Ventures team. We’ll be in touch shortly to discuss next steps.