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Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company

Written by Daniel Goldstein
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Design / 01.17.19

Importance of Updating your Mobile App

There are about 223 million smartphone users in the United States alone. The beauty of the digital age we live in is that your organization has the opportunity to connect with users, no matter where they are. This era comes with many benefits but it also adds pressure for businesses to stay digitally relevant. Due…

Articles / Design / 01.11.19

UX Trends in 2018 & What to Expect in 2019

Updated on January 11, 2019. What Is User Experience? User Experience—or UX—refers to how the user feels when they interact with your digital product. Good user experiences are created by putting the users first. Understanding your user base takes research, patience and empathy for every archetype that has a touchpoint with your product. Today, a…

Tech Trends / 01.08.19

10 Apps to Help Make your 2019 New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Last year, we at Seamgen compiled a list of helpful apps that would help you keep those pesky New Year’s resolutions. If you were able to keep those resolutions, congratulations to you, but for the rest of us out there, we found ourselves breaking them within the first two weeks of 2018. That’s why we…

Articles / Design / Tech Trends / 12.27.18

The Key to Human-Centered Design is Listening to the User

User experience design has already been discussed quite frequently, so we won’t bore you with another definition. You know that UX design is meant to enhance the overall experience of your website or mobile app. Sometimes in the age of technology, as a designer or developer, it’s easy to forget that the user may not…