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Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Software Development Company

Written by Daniel Goldstein
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Articles / Development / Emerging Tech / 01.27.22

Agile at Enterprise Scale: Leading with SAFe

Seamgen’s development team becomes SAFe®  certified to better serve large organizations  Working on a multi-team project with ActiveHealth Management, the Seamgen team set out to gain expertise in the Scaled Agile Framework, better known as SAFe®, a system that applies agile practices at an enterprise scale. SAFe is based on a combination of agile and lean principles. While…

Articles / Design / Emerging Tech / 01.19.21


“New Year, New Design trends”. . or so, we expect. Each year, web design experts have beamed their anticipation of technological ideals into the sci-fi galaxy of our dreams. Upon surviving the wild year of 2020, society has observed the significant merging between technology and everyday life. Needless to say, 2021 is by nature of its…

Articles / Development / Emerging Tech / Events / News / 07.06.20

WWDC: How The Newest Technology Will Impact Software Development

This year’s WWDC shook the technology landscape once more. As the name implies, the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is true to its name and placed its focus solely on the developer aspects of the Apple ecosystem. This year’s edition was very different. We witnessed exciting, new mobile software enhancements and the introduction of a completely…

Development / Emerging Tech / 07.01.20

What Developers Can Learn from Google and SEO to Build Better Apps

Every developer who sets out to build a mobile app does so in the hope that it will see great success. But while app revenues are soaring and expected to surpass $170 billion by 2024, the majority of apps don’t make any meaningful cash—if at all. By the first quarter of 2020, Google Play had…