July 19, 2016 | Last updated on April 11, 2024

25 New & Noteworthy Connected Health Devices

Written by Mark Coulstring

Here at Seamgen, we are fascinated with how connected technology is changing the healthcare landscape.  After working with a few connected health clients, we decided to compile a list of 25 devices we think are striking and worth noting.  From pill bottles to hearing aids to silverware (yes, you read that last one right), read on to see how these devices are changing lives and improving the future of healthcare.  Enjoy the list!

1) SunSprite

Natural sunlight exposure can increase happiness and improve sleep patterns. SunSprite is a wearable device that tracks your sunlight exposure throughout the day. Connect the small monitor to the smartphone app to set exposure goals and view your weekly patterns. This device is fully solar-powered, so you never have to plug it in to charge. Sunlight exposure is clinically proven to be as effective as anti-depressant medication when combatting depression, and SunSprite is the only tool you need to ensure your sun exposure levels are on track.

2) Smart Pill Bottle by AdhereTech

This FDA-approved pill bottle knows when you take your medication. This smart pill bottle is wireless and connects to your mobile device. Customize your alerts with phone calls and text messages when a dosage is missed. This product increases patient adherence and increases patient retention in clinical trials. When ordered, the smart pill bottle arrives ready to use, with no setup needed.

3) Project Zero by Omron

What initially looks like a slightly bulkier version of the Apple Watch is actually a blood pressure monitor. Its minimalist design keeps the Project Zero from standing out as anything other than a smartwatch. Discreetly monitor your blood pressure and send your info to your phone and/or your doctor. The unit can even work in conjunction with the Apple Health app. The watch is as accurate as the devices doctors currently use to check blood pressure, and it has been approved by the FDA.

4) OneTouch Ping® by Animas

A wireless, fully functional insulin pump, waterproof up to 12 feet, has finally arrived. This device not only tests your blood sugar, but includes a customizable 500 item database to store caloric information for quick, on-the-go carb counting. The remote can communicate with the pump from up to 10 feet away, helping to keep your diabetic needs as private as possible. The device has also been approved by the FDA.

5) it™ bed by Sleep Number

The bed that learns your sleeping behaviors over time and uses predictive modeling to suggest ways to improve your sleep. The it™ bed can connect to your smartphone so you can view your sleep results with ease. The inner workings are driven by SleepIQ technology that takes into account daily activities when providing sleep suggestions. This smart bed is developed at a time when the parallels between health and proper sleeping patterns are stronger than ever.

6) Fever Smart

A smart patch thermometer has arrived in the realm of children’s health. Fever Smart allows parents to monitor their child’s temperature throughout the night, all with the convenience of their smartphone. Parents receive alerts if their child’s temperature happens to rise during the night, and all data from the thermometer is stored on the cloud. To further ease your worries, the device has already received full certification from the FDA.

7) LumiWave® Infrared Light Therapy Device

Temporary pain and stiffness relief is possible for your muscles and joints with light therapy. The LumiWave’s infrared light penetrates your skin tissue and is absorbed by your body, resulting in organic pain relief. Hundreds of small LEDs band together to produce the therapeutic light energy. First developed for sports medicine, the LumiWave reduces recovery time for injuries, in addition to providing pain relief. The device’s effectiveness is backed by the FDA, as well.

8) Smart Wristband from UC Berkeley

Still in its infancy, this wristband specializes in measuring the electrolytes –sodium and potassium– and metabolites –glucose and lactate– in your sweat. This prototype may soon be integrated with other fitness watches, providing new capabilities, like the ability to detect dehydration and an awareness of when you are overtraining. The wristband’s many sensors continuously sync the data of your sweat composition to a connected smartphone.

9) Smart Spoon and Fork by GYENNO

Parkinson’s Disease may no longer rear its head at the dinner table thanks to this new smart fork and spoon set. The spoon and fork are designed to provide stability, fighting back against hand tremors. Not only do the fork and spoon automatically stabilize, they also collect and send personal tremor data to the cloud. 360 degree stability control is provided for up to three hours at a time with one charge.

10) Polar Balance by Polar

A smart scale that connects with your smartphone to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Each scale can house data for up to 10 individuals, perfect for families wanting to motivate each other. The app, after connecting with the scale, prescribes personal workout ideas and motivation. The app’s user-friendly interface provides an easy place to view your progress and trends.

11) iFertracker by Raiing

This smart fertility tracker is worn under the armpit, while you sleep, to track body temperature. The iFertracker uploads data to your smartphone, predicting optimal ovulation periods. The iFertracker measures your temperature every four seconds, obtaining plenty of data to help you get a sense of your ovulation patterns. The device uses the cloud for all uploads, and the recorded data is precise within .05℃. The included app is also compatible with the iOS 9 Health App.

12) Veta Smart Epipen® Case from Aterica

Know where your Epipen is at all times with Veta’s smart case. From your phone, you can track the pen’s last known location to make sure you have it when needed. Also, the case contains several monitors to alert you if your medication is too hot, too cold, or past the expiration date. Define your support circle and control how much information is sent to them regarding your location and daily patterns.

13) UA Healthbox by Under Armour

A total fitness monitoring system in just one purchase, the Healthbox includes the UA Band, the UA Scale, and the UA Heart Rate. The band has similar potential to a smartwatch, with features from a pedometer, to a sleep monitor, to a workout log, to music control, to the ability to listen to texts and calendar notifications through UA Record. The UA Scale is impressive as a stand-alone as well, automatically recognizing up to 8 different users based on their weight. The scale tracks body fat percentage in addition to gross weight, and syncs with UA Record in conjunction with your phone and UA Band. The UA Heart Rate wraps around your chest, measuring heart rate, calories burned, and overall workout intensity.

14) Smart Hearing Aids by Sivantos for Siemens

These hearing aids have the standard capability of any normal hearing aid; they focus on speech directed toward the user, minimizing background noise. However, these hearing aids connect to your smartphone, allowing you to control and adjust what you’re hearing from the palm of your hand, without having to take out your hearing aids. Change the treble or the balance between the two aids with a swipe of an app. These hearing aids learn your preferred patterns to personalize the intensity of the different sounds running through your ears.

15) Quell by NeuroMetrix

This wearable simply wraps around your leg, just below the knee, adjusting its intensity of pain relief based upon your activity level. Quell blocks pain signals transmitted throughout your body, providing pain relief 24/7. That’s right. This device can be safely worn while you sleep, and has been cleared by the FDA to be worn at any time of day. No drugs are included in the process, and Quell is recommended by many prominent doctors who have seen positive results from their patients.

16) Timocco

Children with special needs now have a fun, interactive online gaming platform. Play is dictated by the objects held in the child’s hands. Their motion controls the gameplay and outcome. Timocco is designed by Occupational Therapists to provide a new form of therapy for children requiring extra attention. Results from the game are recorded and synced online so parents can easily monitor and track their child’s progress.

17) Zio® XT Patch by iRhythm

Analyze your heart activity 24/7 with this wearable electrocardiogram patch. Designed to last two weeks, the patch monitors and transmits your heart rhythm data to the iRhythm app. The device is water-resistant and diligent enough to record every beat of your heart. This FDA-approved patch has also been shown to be more effective than alternative heart-monitoring approaches according to The American Journal of Medicine.

18) Smart Nutrition Bottle by LifeFuels

This is more than just a sleek, durable water bottle. Load fuelpods into the top of this bottle to add essential nutrients to your water. The bottle can store up to five fuelpods, and you control when each one is dispensed throughout the day. All you need to do is replenish the bottle with more water when you’re out. The LifeFuels app keeps track of your nutrient consumption and learns your habits. Fuelpods range from protein supplements, to sleep aids, to daily multivitamins.


There are many fitness apps and wearables out there, but the GYMWATCH takes workout wearables to the next level. Not only does the wearable band track your workouts and reps, it also monitors your form. Your speed and motion of each exercise is recorded by the three sensors.The band’s technology is designed to simulate a personal trainer by your side, encouraging you and critiquing your form to ensure maximum safety and results. The band records your performance for over 900 different exercises, uploading it to the mobile and/or online app.

20) Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected Toothbrush by Philips

This smart toothbrush is like having a dentist by your side when you brush your teeth. The location sensor tracks which areas you are paying too little attention to. The pressure sensor alerts you when you are brushing too aggressively and doing damage. The scrubbing sensor monitors your motion and helps you to reduce improper scrubbing motions. The Sonicare app lets you know how you did after each brushing, providing personalized feedback for touch-up brushing if you missed any areas.

21) Oxxiom by True Wearables

This is a wireless, continuous, single use pulse oximeter that weighs under four grams. Completely disposable, there is no need for sterilization and care after each use. The tiny device measures arterial oxygen saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index. The device has a range over 30 feet, and each one lasts over 24 hours. Oxxiom provides convenience to any procedures necessitating pulse oximetry.

22) Portable Eye and Retinal Imaging System by D-EYE

This device attaches to a smartphone, and within seconds, you are ready to input the examinee’s personal information and analyze their eye structure. It is a complete, digital ophthalmoscope, testing a wide variety of health conditions. The device works seamlessly with the smartphone’s LED light and camera to create an intuitive experience for the practitioner. Continued evaluation is possible through the connected private cloud.

23) Mevii

A mobile app designed to help relieve mild anxiety and depression, Mevii encourages you to take control over your emotions. The app focuses on managing negative emotions, changing problematic behaviors, and taking control for the future. Included in the app are relaxation tips, along with breathing and meditation exercises. Utilize the self-reflection journal and the activities specifically designed to help you gain the upper hand over your mood. The app’s roots are in well-studied cognitive behavioral therapy.

24) mivo™ by Thrive Feeding

The smart baby bottle to alleviate your parenting worries, mivo makes feeding simple. Appearing as a standard bottle, the module inside tracks/monitors everything from amount consumed, to speed of consumption, to the spacing of feeding throughout the day. The data is uploaded to the mivo app so everything can be easily viewed and archived. Additionally, any problems or early warning symptoms are noted and will alert the user when detected, protecting and ensuring your baby’s health.

25) Smart Helmet and Smart Hat by LifeBeam

Want the convenient, constant monitoring provided by a wearable without having the attached arm/leg bands? LifeBeam delivers with their smart hats and smart helmets. Any bike ride, run, or walk can be monitored strap-free. Using the hat or helmet you would normally wear, you can record your heart rate, calories burned, and other performance variables. The stylish gear connects to your smartphone to easily view your progress whenever you want.

Mark Coulstring
Written by
Mark Coulstring
VP, User Experience, Seamgen
Product Design & Strategy Leader, Worked with CVS, Aetna, Oakley, KIA, Intuit, ViaSat, AARP, Experian, and many more.
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