Apple’s iPhone Xs – What Does This Mean to Mobile App Developers?

Apple has rolled out three new iPhones to replace the iPhone X: the iPhone Xs, XR, and Xs Max. All three of these new releases boast more processor power, the latest cameras, and beautiful True Tone displays. The Xs and Xs Max essentially have the same specs besides the Max’s larger screen, but the XR is a more affordable option that Apple is putting center-stage along with its higher-end cousins.

Release celebrations like these ones give many business owners a reminder that it’s essential to keep their app presence updated. Consequently, this is a time when mobile app developers scramble to modernize their apps and take advantage of the latest tech. All the hype around Apple means the apps that master these new specs—like the Xs Max’s huge display—get a real boost from the enthusiasm to use the latest and greatest features. The speed and expanded capabilities of these new devices lead to users expecting an even more seamless app experience and app developers have to be up to the task of staying modernized in a fast-paced app development world.

New, More Powerful App Possibilities

Keeping up with these new iPhones means staying proactive. Ideally, your apps are updated by launch day, so new users can take full advantage of your app with their new devices. As a launch approaches, iOS app developers have to ask themselves: “What feature of this new release could I utilize?”. Perhaps it’s the augmented reality and machine learning capabilities, the improved waterproofing, or the increased storage capacity. Smart HDR and the ability to adjust depth-of-field combined with the A12 Bionic processor open up a host of powerful new app possibilities.

Apple has also revealed the next-generation Apple Watch, which boasts a variety of health-conscious features such as an ECG sensor (the first of its kind) and the ability to detect hard falls. These new features will open up many new opportunities for health and well-being apps for 2018 and 2019.

apple watch on top of iPhone both on top of macbook

Users have also grown to expect uniformity across app and mobile experiences. Consistency is important when brands are looking to make repeat impressions on prospects. While frameworks such as React Native can make it easier to develop a single app experience across different platforms, it’s important to conscientiously implement features that make best use of the new environments while staying consistent across platforms. App developers have to constantly work to modernize their applications and keep up with these releases across a variety of web and app formats.

With the release of the iPhone Xs, XR, and Xs Max, Apple has yet again set the bar for speed, usability, and feature-rich experiences. In this ever-changing environment, it’s important that businesses partner with a mobile app development company who knows how to stay on top of the latest releases. Seamgen is committed to providing superior web and mobile app development solutions. The expertise to utilize the latest technology coupled with the experience to understand your project vision makes Seamgen your ideal partner for your next mobile app.