November 7, 2019 | Last updated on June 15, 2024

Attract Top Talent by Using the Latest Tech

Written by Pete Nystrom

For businesses worldwide, digitization efforts are becoming a priority and the competition for talent is getting fiercer. Every company wants to have the top talent and deliver outstanding results. Having top talent at your company will not only impact your company culture, but it will increase your bottom line.  

Securing top talent may be difficult when your company is located in a competitive tech hub.  More often than not, there are more job opportunities than available candidates. How can you outshine your competitors and attract the top talent?

According to CNBC, a LinkedIn analysis showed that the most sought-after skills for 2019 are technical skills.  Some of these skills include:

  • Cloud Computing
  • AI
  • Data Analytics
  • UX Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Testing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Development
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Most Competitive Areas for Tech Hiring

Competition varies from city to city. We have listed the most competitive areas to hire top tech talent, the average salary for a software developer in each location, and the size of the tech scene and its growth rate.

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How To Attract Top Talent

So how can your company attract top talent in these competitive areas?  A clear differentiator is the use of the latest technology. Keeping up with the latest tech trends will demonstrate that your company is both up-to-date in the industry and strives to be at the forefront of innovation.  

Some of the latest technology includes:


React is a JavaScript library that is used to build single-page web applications.  With React, you can assemble complex UIs from separate sections of code, known as “components.”

React is a JavaScript library that is used to build user interfaces.  With React, you can assemble complex UIs from separate sections of code, known as “components.”


Swift is a general-purpose programming language that is the currently recommended language for writing apps for any Apple product.  While it can be used to write any type of program, it is especially well-suited for interacting with Apple’s numerous SDKs like ARKit and HealthKit.  


Kotlin is an open-source programming language that uses the same underlying architecture as Java. Google recently began recommending Kotlin as the best language for Android apps.


TypeScript is a programming language that is a superset of JavaScript.  TypeScript is converted into JavaScript and the converter type-checks the code to warn of any potential bugs.

“With the rapid pace of technology, the demand for top notch talent is high due to competition. Companies need to get creative by building a strong brand presence online and in social media. Tech driven data analytics, bots and AI that drive personalized interactions are keys to success.”

-Asokan Ashok | Founder & CEO at UnfoldLabs Inc.

Update Your Portfolio and Case Studies

Prospective employees want to work for a business that partners with big, innovative companies.  Highlighting projects your company has completed and explaining the technology that was used will get prospective employees excited about joining your company. 

Stay on Top of Tech Trends

Knowing the latest tech trends and integrating them into your technology stack will surely be noticed by potential job candidates.  Many job candidates would jump at the chance to work for one of the most innovative tech companies.  

Here are a few technologies that you should not overlook:

5G Networks

U.S. carriers are implementing 5G wireless technology to improve coverage and performance overall.  The 5G investment is still in the early stages, but is expected to be more prevalent in 2020.

Autonomous Devices

Autonomous devices are devices that are able to identify their surroundings and make decisions on their own.  By 2020, it is estimated that there will be around 50 billion smart gadgets.  



Blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin that records and documents every transaction.  When blocks in a blockchain are joined together, the data in each block is secured. Once secured, the data cannot be altered without disturbing the rest of the blockchain, making any breach of security noticeable to other members on the network.

Enhanced Edge Computing

Edge computing allows data created by the internet of things (IoT) to be computed on its own device rather than at the data center, giving each device more computing power and making the computing process more efficient overall.

Software-Defined Networking

Software-defined networking is a network-managing method that replaces traditional, manual network management with smart switches that is controlled by software.

Factors That Employees Look For:

Company Culture

Your company culture is also important to potential employees.  Employees want to work in a comfortable environment that fosters communication, collaboration, and good employee relations.  Sharing pictures or videos from company events can help potential employees get a better understanding of your company culture.

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Knowing What Your Job Seekers Want 

According to a 2018 survey administered by Dice, a tech job website, the two most popular benefits that tech job seekers searched for were healthcare benefits and the possibility to work remotely. 

Now think about your company from a potential employee’s perspective.  What expectations do they have of your company? What do they want to get out of this job — more experience, access to the newest technology, good employee relations?  Making sure your company meets their expectations and desires will improve the likelihood that they choose your company over your competitors’.   

There are many factors to take into consideration when attracting top tech talent. The best way to attract top tech talent is to be the most innovative, cutting-edge tech company around and promote your great company culture.

Pete Nystrom
Written by
Pete Nystrom
VP of Engineering, Seamgen
Software architect, full-stack web/mobile engineer, and cloud transformation expert
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