July 2, 2019 | Last updated on May 20, 2024

Designing for Conversions

Written by Mark Coulstring

Whether success for you means more hits to a web page, increased sales, or more newsletter sign-ups, you can reach this ultimate goal by first focusing on increasing traffic to your website. Once you get traffic to your site, you’ll want this traffic to convert. A conversion is when a customer or user crosses that finish line and accomplishes your business goal. A conversion-centered design is a design that is optimized to achieve a single purpose for your business. 

Designing for conversions is valuable to you and your customers because it focuses on directing them to buy your product or engage with you more. Use your website analytics to determine where visitors are spending the most time on your site and which content garners the most attention. Optimize your pages and calls-to-action (CTAs) and focus on making an effective landing page by integrating conversion-centered designs. 

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Are Your Visitors Not Converting?

What causes your visitors to abandon your website and thus not convert into a lead or customer? Ask yourself why your users abandon that shopping cart or don’t finish filling out that form. Use behavior analytics to make data-driven decisions and determine how you can improve your conversion rate. For example, you can track what your website visitors are responding to or engaging with when they visit your page. By analyzing consumer behavior, you will understand what drives the most value for your users. Leverage this data and strategically create content and position opportunities to convert throughout your website

What Is Conversion-Centered Design? 

Conversion-centered designs are successful when your business goals align with the goals of your customers. In order to make sure your product solves a user’s problem, you’ll want to understand their needs and create a product that has a high value proposition. 

The most important part of your conversion-centered design is your call-to-action component. Make sure the call-to-action navigates your user to obtain your intended business goal. When creating your call-to-action, you should write imperative phrases and personalize it for the user so they feel the product or service targets their needs.  

Keep in mind to have a call-to-action component when designing for conversions.

What Is A Landing Page? 

A landing page is a standalone web page that is created for the purpose of getting your users to complete the call-to-action. Typically, such visitors have already shown interest in your company or product. Since they’ve shown interest, now it’s your job to push them through the conversion funnel. Make sure to avoid potential distractions and drive visitors to focus on the call-to-action. 

Designing a Landing Page 

The best landing page designs significantly increase conversion rates. Here are some things to consider when designing a landing page: 

  • Provide content that is relevant and specific to the content, product, or service you’re promoting. 
  • Include some sort of call-to-action, a link or a sign-up section, and incentivize users to act now. 
  • Focus on making the call-to-action stand out by creating a tunnel vision effect. 
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  • Choose colors that evoke certain emotions; think about the psychological impact you want to have on your users.
  • Use directional symbols like arrows, lines or pathways to direct users exactly where they should proceed.
  • Include images that evoke an emotional connection with the user. 

If you’d like to convert your traffic into customers, then you should focus on designing for conversions by understanding your users behavior and identifying the fallout points on your website. You’re driving traffic to your website, now it’s time to capture them! If you need help increasing your website’s conversion rate, our team of design and development experts are ready to help! Contact us today to discuss your needs!

Mark Coulstring
Written by
Mark Coulstring
VP, User Experience, Seamgen
Product Design & Strategy Leader, Worked with CVS, Aetna, Oakley, KIA, Intuit, ViaSat, AARP, Experian, and many more.
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