The media world is again beginning to buzz with expectation in advance of Apple’s upcoming keynote. The hype may not reach the levels it used to when Jobs was at the helm, but this is still a pivotal moment for a company in need of a refresh to what has become one of its defining product lines. The iPhone 6 rumor mill is in full swing, and we’re here to fill you in on the juiciest details.

As all Americans know, bigger is better. For the new iPhone, this should be no exception, as Apple has some catching up to do to match the larger screens of its competitors. With Samsung recently announcing a partnership with Oculus, which enables users to pair their phone with a virtual reality headset and use it as the display, the screen will be a focal point as these devices become less a phone and more a multi-media platform. Expect higher resolution displays to pave the way for similar upcoming features. Apple is also expected to upgrade its Gorilla Glass with an even stronger material that has long been used in high-end watches – sapphire crystal.

Battery time has always been an issue and is high up on the list of complaints for iPhone users. No matter which way you use your iPhone, we all have problems to keep it alive after lunch. Apple’s iPhone 6 model is expected to have better battery life, and the upgraded iOS 8 is suppose to show which app is killing your battery. Considering this model will have significantly bigger display, better bring your charger until we see it in person.

The standard hardware upgrades to the memory and processing power will be packaged into this phone to keep it running seamlessly with all your newest Farmville downloads. The typical improvements to the camera lens, flash, and additional features (such as image stabilization) should also be included. Even more exciting, though, is Apple’s likely decision to finally add NFC to the phone, which iOS 8’s software will take full advantage of. With this, payments could be made in stores automatically using your phone as an electronic wallet. The upgraded iOS system is expected to be introduced about the same time the new phone arrives. Essentially, iOS 8 will run on everything from the iPhone 4S onward.

No matter what Apple reveals next week, be it the long-awaited iTV, an iWatch, CarPlay, or another genre defining device – just make sure your sleeping bags are ready to be the first in line. We know we will be.