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Articles / Development / 08.01.19

Xamarin Forms Vs React Native

Cross-platform apps, in comparison to native apps, allow developers to reuse code across operating systems. By using a cross-platform framework you will be limited in your ability to incorporate custom designs and intricate animations, but the benefit is that you only have to write one code base. This means that your costs could be half…

Articles / Design / 07.30.19

A/B Testing Best Practices To Maximize Results

The best way to figure out what drives the most engagement and conversions on your website is to conduct A/B testing. These tests will help you determine exactly how customers respond to specific elements on your website. A/B testing, which is also known as split testing or bucket testing, is an experiment to decide which…

Articles / Design / Development / 07.25.19

Developing an E-Commerce Mobile App

Updated July 2019  Conversions for e-commerce companies are the backbone of their existence. Without conversions, there is no business. Although the e-commerce boom started on desktop and laptop PCs, more people are accessing the internet from their phones. With the shift from retail, brick-and-mortar stores to digital experiences on mobile devices, companies can leverage e-commerce…

Articles / Design / 07.18.19

The Most Common UX Deliverables

UX design work occurs in a variety of contexts, but in all cases UX professionals need to effectively communicate their design ideas. To communicate these designs, designers use artifacts collectively referred to as deliverables. A deliverable is a document of work that serves as an official record of work performed.  Deliverables communicate design ideas to…