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Design / Development / 06.26.18

Understanding the Mobile App Design & Development Process

At the beginning of the 20th century, companies invested capital into buildings and machinery. Now, companies invest their capital into establishing a presence in the digital marketplace. Often this means building mobile apps, yet many companies don’t understand the process it takes to build a high-quality mobile app. “You get what you pay for” has…

Development / 06.21.18

How Predictive Analytics will Revolutionize Software Development

How predictive analytics will revolutionize software development Predictive analytics refers to the use of data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to predict future outcomes. It is quickly becoming a key part of the global business landscape, and for good reason. Thanks to the rapidly increasing volume of structured and unstructured data available to companies…

Development / 06.18.18

Everything you need to know about native app development

Native mobile applications are among the most common types of apps. A native mobile app is written in a programming language for a particular mobile platform. For example, Objective-C and Swift are the programming languages used for native iOS apps, while Java is the standard language behind Android apps. Of course, web and hybrid apps…

Development / 06.18.18

Considerations for Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin

Considerations for cross-platform mobile development Cross-platform mobile application development may prove to be a key tenet of a mobile app development company’s day-to-day operations. It requires a mobile app development company to use a process that ensures end users can enjoy consistent experiences across a variety of platforms. If a software development company prioritizes cross-platform…