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Development / 11.13.18

Don’t Sink Your Sales, Sync Your Cloud Instead

Sales and marketing form the backbone of every business that positions itself to succeed. However, a little more than these two processes is needed – technology. Businesses that continue to thrive and maintain a consistent growth pattern are those that are never shy to embrace changes including technological advancements. For example, most high-achievers have moved…

Development / 11.13.18

Best Practices for an Agile QA Process

When it comes to software development, quality is everything. Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic process that ensures product and service excellence. A robust QA team examines the requirements to design, develop, and manufacture reliable products whereby increasing client confidence, company credibility, and the ability thrive in a competitive environment. We, at Seamgen, want to…

Design / Development / 11.06.18

Does My Website Need Some Serious Updating

The internet has completely revolutionized the way we search for information and buy products and services. We have undergone a massive shift in consumer buying behavior. Consumers used to contact companies directly to ask questions and clarify any concerns. Now, consumers conduct extensive research on your website and compare the alternatives before making a move….

Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 10.31.18

Spooooky Tech Stories!

We have compiled some tech horror stories that will make this year’s Halloween a little more spooky! We say we love technology, but do we really? These stories are concerning and certainly frightening. Have a spooktacular Halloween and enjoy these stories! Amazon Alexa laughs in your sleep The fact that Alexa already listens to your…