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Developing an E-Commerce Mobile App

The world as we know it is rapidly changing and globalization is playing a large role in this transformation. Trade and communication are more accessible than ever, and as a result there has been a massive spike in the utilization of e-commerce for companies both large and small. Essentially, the internet has enabled the emergence…

Design / Emerging Tech / Events / News / 06.12.18

Takeaways From Apple’s 2018 WWDC

It’s that time of the year again. Apple’s WWDC kicked off this past weekend and while some critics have regarded it as ‘underwhelming’, there are still a lot of features that customers should be excited about. A wide variety of topics were covered at the event, but we’ve broken down several of the announcements that…

Design / Development / News / Press Releases / 06.11.18

Seamgen Celebrated: Leader in Web & Software Development

The software development field is notoriously crowded. With so many different companies offering a slew of products and services, it can be nearly impossible to differentiate the good companies from the bad ones from the great companies. The ratings and review site, Clutch, helps solve this problem by integrating objective quantitative data, customer testimonials, and…

Design / Development / Emerging Tech / 06.07.18

Robinhood App: iOS vs. Android

Robinhood is an industry leading app that teaches you to invest in the stock market, Robinhood Crypto, or how to trade options for free. The app is built for a younger generation of investors reluctant to pick up the phone for a broker, offering a stripped down overview of one’s portfolio. Many people have noticed…