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Development / Emerging Tech / Tech Trends / 10.29.19

Why You Should Migrate Your Data Centers to the Cloud

More and more businesses are switching to the cloud rather than relying on physical data centers.  Why is that? The cloud is a more efficient, lower-maintenance option for the fast-paced environment of the modern business world.  It offers many benefits including: automatic software updates, lower costs, disaster recovery, and universal access. On-Premises Data Centers vs…

Design / Development / Tech Trends / 10.17.19

Using Data Visualization to Improve the Customer Experience

What is Data Visualization? Data visualization is the graphical representation of data.  Creating a visualization of the data helps identify relationships, patterns, and key trends that might go undetected in a text-based format. Importance of Data Visualization Data visualization has become a key element in BI, which involves technological processes that analyze data and convert…

Development / Emerging Tech / 10.14.19

Responsive Web or Native Mobile App Development

When determining if you should build a responsive web app or a native mobile app, it is important to recognize the goals of your company and the problems your users are facing. Understanding these two things will heavily influence your mobile app development process. This blog should serve as a tool to help you and…

Design / Development / Tech Trends / 10.02.19

Difference Between Automated and Manual Software Testing

Software testing is an esoteric concept.  If you’re not amongst the crowd of individuals that knows this well, we explain the difference between automated and manual software testing so you can make more informed decisions throughout the software development life cycle. Where do you start and which method is right for the job?  Let’s start…