Top 5 QA Best Practices for Software Development

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Quality is important especially when it comes to software development. Every tech company has realized the importance of establishing a QA team dedicated to ensuring quality in their products.  Since Quality Assurance has become so important, we at Seamgen want to give you some of our best practices when it comes to QA.

1. Define a Process

Establishing a process is key to optimizing quality assurance across the development of products. It serves as a guideline for the QA team and can be evolved over time to fit the team’s need.


At Seamgen, our process revolves around constant automation and testing to ensure that each latest build meets the requirements and acceptance criteria. With every new project, we look for ways to improve this process to help with efficiency and effectiveness.

2. Test Early and Test Often

One of the main things we try to accomplish at Seamgen is to constantly be testing. We start implementing test cases based on the functionality that has been scheduled right after the sprint planning.


With the introduction of test cases following sprint planning, it allows for quality assurance team to constantly be involved at every scale within the project’s phases.

Introducing the QA team early to a project gives them foresight to potential bugs and defects that they might face later down the road. It will end up saving the project both time and money as functionality is being implemented.

3. Test on real devices

We at Seamgen are also a stickler for making sure our quality is perfect when delivering a product, and that is why we like to test them on real devices to ensure the product works across different types of platforms and processors.


For example in mobile development, it is important that we see what the users are seeing whether they are using iOS or android operating systems.

4. Importance of Automation

Automation testing plays a monumental part to staying efficient.The QA team will want to use automation when the functionality is imperative and risk based.

Having reusable regression automation testing allows us to ensure quality on parts of the project that have been seen before while also pointing out new complex issues for the QA team to solve.

5. Be the Quality Advocate, But Don’t Own Quality

At the end of the day, quality is owned by every individual on the team, but QA should act as the guided voice.


A person performing Quality Assurance can strive and push the team in the right direction in order to build quality, but the QA person can never solely ensure quality. Quality comes down to everyone’s responsibility when building out a project.

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