Earlier this year Google announced that if you wanted your website to rank well in its mobile search results, your website had to be mobile friendly. For obvious reasons, many changed their websites and made them mobile friendly, but here are some more reasons why having a mobile friendly website will help your business grow.

Want Traffic? Go MobileMobile Friendly

Being of this generation, I know people are always on their phones. I use my phone more than I use a laptop, and many others follow in that same boat. There are over a billion mobile device users, and with numbers like that, it means having a mobile friendly website is crucial. Morgan Stanley Research conducted a study on mobile vs. desktop users and concluded that by the end of 2015, the majority of internet usage will come from people using their mobile devices. Also, they predict internet usage worldwide at the end of this year will double from its current usage. Google has made it clear that they believe the future of search is mobile, and websites that aren’t usable on handheld devices will see their search rank suffer for it.

Raised Conversions and Reduced Bounce Rate

Desktop websites in mobile browsers are ineffective at converting visitors into buyers. Calls to action (CTAs) are often obscured, links are difficult to click, and contact pages are buried in awkward menus. Visitors might not stay on your site if they have to pinch and zoom or squint at illegible type, or worse yet if it runs flash or anything that requires add-ons to display in a browser. If your website isn’t optimized, your bounce rate on mobile devices could be extremely high. If you want to convert those smartphone visitors, you must create a mobile site with a great experience for the mobile users.

Mobile Health Check

Pick up your smartphone and go to your website. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my website load in less than three seconds?
  • Does my website draw your eye to my key selling points or message?
  • Is the content easy to read?
  • Is it easy to navigate?
  • Is it easy to recognize and activate the call to action?
  • Does it provide a good user experience?
  • Is it a website you would spend time on if it were not your own?

If you mostly answered “no,” then it’s time to contact us at Seamgen, we can optimize your site for mobile and capture the traffic and sales you’ve been missing. You can also check out how Google’s New Search Update Affects Everybody.